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This Machine Bite was posted on 30th September 2020.



Murdoc: Talking about Elton, he came on his private jet.

2D: Did he?

Murdoc & Russel: Yeah...

Murdoc: I-I believe you spoke to him, didn't you?

2D: Yeah, I spent several hours with him actually. We shared a sandwich.

Murdoc: Noodle, where were you during that whole thing?

Noodle: Well, I was making sure Elton was well watered because great minds need moisture!


2D: Y'know, you're saying "Six-Black", his name is- it's pronounced "Black"

Murdoc: I know, I know...

2D: And you say "Six-Black."

Murdoc: I know, I just...

2D: You even said that to his face when we met him.

Murdoc: I know, I was just having a joke.

2D: It went on for days!

Murdoc: Yeah, I do tend to milk it.


Murdoc: What a dude to have on board though, something about him y'know? I can't put my finger on it.

Russel: I think he'd prefer it that way.

2D: You mustn't put your finger on im, that was in his contract.

Russel: Don't put the finger on the black.