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This Machine Bite was posted on 1st October 2020.



2D: W-what he likes – the Pink Phantom – is ne-negativity. And you're very negative, Murdoc.

Murdoc: Well you– Yeah you call it negative, well, you're into duality again – basically it's all one, isn't it, really? Negative, positive. You can't be positive without negative, do you know what I mean? You can't have positive–

Russel: No.

Murdoc: –without negative.

Russel: He right.

Murdoc: You can't have up without down.

2D: You can't have Ant without Dec.

2D: Have you ever been... positive for a whole hour? Shall we try it?

Murdoc: Aghhh... Dunno if I can do it.

2D: Do you like my shoes?

Murdoc:  ...no.

2D: See, that is negative – Noodle, what do you think about my shoes?

Noodle (with very fast Kansai dialect): せやからいつまで経っても誰にも信用してもらえへんねん。因果応報、身から出た錆っていつも言うとるやん。プラスチックビーチのことだってそうや。そのままやったら来世はどでかいナメクジにしか生まれ変われへんで

(Seyakara itsumade tattemo dare nimo shinyō shite morae hen nen. Inga-ōhō, mi kara deta sabi tte itsumo yūtoru yan. Purasuchikku Bīchi no koto datte sō ya. Sono mama yattara raise wa do-dekai namekuji ni shika umarekaware hen de.)

(Translated: That's why nobody trusts you forever. I always tell you "What goes around, comes around", "The consequences of one's own deeds". It was the same with Plastic Beach.  If you continue to think like that, you'll only be reborn as a giant slug in the afterlife.)

2D: I think she's got a point.


  • This is the sceond time that Noodle spoke in Japanesse. The first one was in Machine Bitez #7.
  • 2D references Ant and Dec, an English TV presenting duo.