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This Machine Bite was posted on 1st October 2020.



Murdoc: Ahhhh... The Pink Phantom, don't even talk to me about that. Hang on, I gotta get that mother–

Russel: But how you gotta chop him down when he an ethereal being, though?

Murdoc: I– I got a butterfly net.

Murdoc: Think the phantom was in the trunk?

Noodle: She was moving around in the boot so much we had to turn up the music, remember?

Russel: It was a heavy vibe.

Murdoc: Under-badness, great under-badness.

Murdoc: Spooky– wegh– uh– what?

Russel: I spook easy – not to be confused with 'speak easy'.

2D: I went to one once– by accident. I got very confused and they kept on speaking to me and I wouldn't realize it was all a game and then they called the police. It was a speak difficult.