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This Machine Bite was posted on 30th January 2020.



2D: Hello?

Slaves: Hello.

2D: Alright, Isaac and Laurie? What's happening? I remember how we met we was in LIDL.

Slaves: I thought it was ALDI.

2D: It was, you're right, it was ALDI. We had a little bit of a dispute over the last vegan stollen.

Slaves: Yeah that is what happened.

2D: That is what happened I thought so. Uh who's your favorite band member?

Slaves: Yeah definitely you mate.

2D: Is it?

Slaves: Yeah.

2D: You mean that?

Slaves: Yeah, 100%.

2D: Can I tell that to Murdoc and Noodle because I think Noodle was hanging out for you sayin' her but I don't know, I told her that I'm the favorite.

Slaves: Forgot to ask, do you support a football team?

2D: Um yeah Chelsea.

Slaves: Ooh how'd you feel about uh Zaha?

2D: Uhh mixed emulsions, on one coat I'm alright, the second coat I'm not.