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This Machine Bite was posted on 6th April 2020.



2D: Feeling better now Murdoc? I haven't heard you crying for a few hours.

Murdoc: My tear ducts dried up years ago.


Murdoc: I watched "The Notebook" last night;

2D: Oh yeah

Murdoc: Dry as the Gobi Desert.


Murdoc: Oh! Man! Yeahyeayea yeah! This is eyeball sweat, ehhh? I told you about that in 2007.


Murdoc: Thank you very much for your concern. And this–

Russel: So so so– So your not all cut up about missing the trip – by the portal?

2D: You're not sad that we went and you didn't, are you?

Murdoc: Portal-shmortal, who gives a ––


Murdoc: Yeah so, you know, in case I ever need to find one for future reference – I don't, at the moment – but if I do, where are they?

2D: Uhh, well you got your– You got your south portal ––

Russel: Yeah

2D: Right portal ––

Murdoc: And you know where they are, do you?"

2D: Janet Street-Portal –

Murdoc: Listen! Keep your portal, I'm fine! Bye!