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This Machine Bite was posted on 9th April 2020.



2D: Murdoc did you see the drumkit that she had the oc- the octagonal drumkit it was amazing did you see it?

Murdoc: I-I glanced at it, I glanced at it, yes.

2D: Wha-wha- what do you reckon, Noodle?

Noodle: あの、音楽の才能がめっちゃあるたこやねん

(Ano, ongaku no sainō ga metcha aru tako ya nen)

(Translated: Well, that drumkit like the octopus who has a great talent for music.)

2D: Yeah, it was like a musical beehive.


Russ: Did you see The Light?

Murdoc: The Light?

Russ: Did you- Did you see Peter Hook and The Light?

Murdoc: Aaah.


Russ: Uhh, I think his eyeballs are sweating again.

Murdoc: Thank you!

2D: His eyeballs are sweating again, you uh- do you need some um-

Murdoc: They're not!

2D: Do you need some antiperspirant for your eyeballs?

Murdoc: Oh wait a minute, yeah they probably are a little bit, mhmm.