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Mat Wakeham

Matthew Wakeham, commonly known just as Mat Wakeham, was a key employee at Gorillaz' former design company Zombie Flesh Eaters during Phase 1 of Gorillaz, who had been friends with Jamie since the creation of Hewlett's comic strip Tank Girl.

Role in Gorillaz

Mat helped Gorillaz with various different things including but not limited to:

Mat also claimed that he once stood in as Murdoc during a radio interview when Phil Cornwell was unavailable.


  • Mat's favourite character to write for was Murdoc.
  • The line '2-D smells like butterscotch angel delight', said by Noodle during her New York Times interview, was inspired by it being his favourite flavour as a child.
  • Mat's favourite interview to write was Murdoc's Esquire.
  • Mat claimed in a one on one with Gorillaz Raritiez that the beta build of Kong Studios was heavily inspired by Trellick Tower.
  • Mat revealed that Russel was originally intended to be an alumni of an Ivy League college, but the concept was dropped prior to Rise of the Ogre.

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