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Michael Smith is a british musical director, studio musician and keyboard player. He is the live keyboardist for Gorillaz since 2001, live keyboardist and saxophonist for Blur since 1994, as well as a founding member of Electric Wave Bureau[1].

Role in Gorillaz[]

Mike Smith is Gorillaz’ live keyboardist since 2001's Gorillaz LIVE all the way up to many live performances of Meanwhile tracks. That makes him the longest standing member of the Gorillaz Live Band.

He provided saxophone for the song Dracula, b-side to the Clint Eastwood single, horns and flute for the majority of Laika Come Home[2], and piano for the song Aspen Forest from The Fall[3]. He also provided photographs of the North America leg, which can be seen on the Revolving Doors / Amarillo CD.

Musical Career[]

Smith plays in Blur live as both a keyboardist and a saxophonist, as previously mentioned. He first started off playing live during the Parklife tour, and continued from there before providing saxophone on multiple tracks for Think Tank in 2003.[4]

Smith was playing and touring with Brand New Heavies. He is also an arranger of film scores including The Kid Who Would Be King and A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon.