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Mix 2 is a unreleased track that could only be listened to on the old Phase 2 Kong Studios website, however it is no longer there. When it was there, it could be found in record form in Noodle's room, and could be played on the record player there.

It was going to be a track on Demon Days, but it was scrapped. It was rumored to appear as a bonus track on a limited edition bundle of Demon Days and D-Sides but, rumors have been proven false as no published compilation of the two albums exist with "Mix 2" present. The track consists of two guitars (one acoustic and one synthesized), followed by a very high-pitched rap number by Damon Albarn. Most (if not all) of the lyrics consist of indecipherable rambling as the mix may simply exist as a joke track.

It has been speculated that "Mix 2" is, in some fashion, a demo or the inspiration behind "Revolving Doors" from their fourth album, The Fall. While unlikely that it was the demo, considering the massive time gap between the production of the two songs, it is possible that Damon revisited the song, seeing as the tempo is similar and there are a few familiar chords. However, there has been no confirmation as to whether these rumors are true.


Ah, what you want with the town that you can't put your eye on 

It's the train put out there and looking done  

What are you doing sending sisters to the other side?  

It's hard enough, It's hard enough 

What you doing with the cam, with the cam in your hand  

Why they're walking here, here to follow you  

What you doing with the cam, What you can with a cam  

Just blow it up,  

Blow it up 

It's easy, come back,  

True love  

Every night, Every night

It's easy, come back  

Gone but  

Single now, single now

Doing with a cam that you can't put down  

'Cos then you're walking, you're playing cool to get  

But what you can't get a man can't forget, because honestly, I'm a nice devil 

What you doing with the cat that you can't believe?  

I don't love myself, I call the Child Police  

Oh, what you doing with the cat that you can't believe?  

Just blow it up 

It's easy, come back, 

True love 

Every night, Every night

It's Easy, come Back 

Gone but,

Single now, single now.



Gorillaz - Mix 2