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More Rubbadub is the thirteenth and a hidden track of Gorillaz' debut album's dub reworkings album, Laika Come Home.

The song is known as an alternate bonus track and extended version of "Strictly Rubbadub", which is the Spacemonkeyz remix of "Slow Country". It is hidden after "Lil' Dub Chefin'" on the album, which is followed by a few moments of silence after its ending to the bonus tracks. Just like "Strictly Rubbadub", it features guest vocals by reggae artist U Brown.


City Life

[U Brown]
It's With The Northern Sound...Ya Hear A [...]
Baby, [...] You Don't Be Crazy
[...] Well Don't Be Lazy

Can't Stand Your Loneliness

[U Brown]
And He Said, "Keep On [...]"
More Music With The People In The World

You Won't Get Money
I'm Doing What You Loving Hey...

[U Brown]
Please Don't... [...]
Well They Say, "Keep On Rocking, Come On"
Well They Say, "[...]"
Live And Direct You Gonna Chant
More Reggae Music For The Ones

I Want The Music Where They Want
This Is You Rolling Up The Charts
Hey, This Rocket Is With Northern Sound
[...] Jump And Shout [...] You Know
Somebody Say [...]

...Your Loneliness...

[U Brown]
[...] To Listen To What I Say
Hey, I Said [...]
And They Said, "Keep On [...]"
Strictly Rubbadub With All The World



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