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One of the only known pictures of Mr. Kyuzo posing with a young Noodle in a portrait.

Mr. Kyuzo is a Japanese scientist and former member of a top secret Japanese super soldier program that was scrapped during the 1990s. It is unknown whether Kyuzo is his surname or first name.


Kyuzo was a head scientist in a top secret Japanese super soldier program. During the stages of the program, Kyuzo was in charge of training and raising 23 children (one of whom was Noodle) that were genetically modified and trained to become the ideal soldier in the Japanese army. However, the Japanese government later found the grounds of the program as being unethical and dangerous; resulting in the scrapped and coverup of the program. In order to dispose of all evidence of the program, Kyuzo was given orders to kill all of the child test subjects. Having grown emotionally attached to Noodle, Kyuzo killed all of the subjects except for Noodle. In order to keep her identity a secret, he applied Noodle with a verbal code that (when heard) can simultaneously suppress and lock away all of her memories of the project; forcing her to relearn everything from scratch. This code was applicable to all 23 child members of the program. The code that could be used in order to restore/suppress the memories of the subjects was the two word phrase, Ocean Bacon.

During Noodle's trip to Japan, Kyuzo was a chef working at a open restaurant in Osaka, Japan. Someone was catering a plate of food and Noodle accidentally bumped into them and they yelled "OCEAN BACON!", which made Noodle remember and get flashbacks of her past.

Kyuzo came out from the kitchen and saw Noodle, completely surprised by her arrival. It's by then that he revealed everything to her.

Not much else is known about Kyuzo after Noodle returned to Kong Studios.