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Murdoc’s Mixology Masterclass is a live-stream that was broadcasted through Gorillaz’ Youtube channel, on the 24th of November, 2022, to promote their collaboration with Smirnoff.

The Masterclass was produced and animated by independent production and animation studio Nexus Studios and directed by Jamie Hewlett and Fx Goby, using game engine technology, bespoke software, facial capture, inertial motion capture and traditional animation tools.[1]


In this real-time experience, Murdoc Niccals hosted a special Mixology Masterclass live on Youtube, where he provided a step-by-step guide to create his signature cocktail: The Vodka Murdini. After the Masterclass, the bassist gave a live Q&A with fans, where he took and answered the questions from the Youtube chat.



Gorillaz & Smirnoff present- Murdoc Niccals Mixology Masterclass and Q&A