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Nelson De Freitas (b. May 14, 1973) is a British actor, impressionist and composer who provided the speaking voice of 2-D up to 2017.

He is also a founding member of Electric Wave Bureau[1].

Role in Gorillaz[]

De Freitas was cast during the band's creation for the speaking voice of 2-D, while Damon Albarn is the bandmate's singing voice.

He is featured as 2-D in all of the G-Bitez, Phase One: Celebrity Take Down, Phase Two: Slowboat To Hades and all interviews and additional 2-D appearances up to Phase 4 of Gorillaz, when he was replaced by British actor Kevin Bishop. While there has been much speculation over the reason, there does not appear to be bad blood between him and the Gorillaz team as he has collaborated with Albarn on other projects and once commented on Hewlett's Instagram in 2017 that he was open to returning. Nelson's last appearance as 2-D is in the Saturnz Barz music video.

Nelson De Freitas was one of the members of the Gorillaz Sound System lineup.

He also receives additional songwriting credits on the single Doncamatic.


  • Nelson De Freitas suggested Remi Kabaka Jr. as the voice of Russel all the way back in 2000.
  • Nelson De Freitas still works with Damon Albarn outside of Gorillaz. They worked together under Electric Wave Bureau on the soundtrack for the 2019 film The Kid Who Would Be King.
  • Nelson De Freitas also voiced several Gorillaz side characters, such as Whiffy Smiffy and Tony Chopper, in the Rise of the Ogre audiobook.
  • Nelson De Freitas' last known portrayal of 2-D was in 2018 for a KROQ radio advertisement.