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Noodle Fight is a Flash-based platformer game by Gorillaz released on the Gorillaz.com website made to promote the release of the Clint Eastwood single and the self-titled debut album, Gorillaz.

The game was developed by Zombie Games, the game development team from the Zombie Flesh Eaters, Jamie Hewlett's former design studio.

In the game, Murdoc has been captured by the “Ghoulies” (the Zombie Gorillas) during the shoot for the Clint Eastwood music video and it is up to Noodle to save him.


Gorillaz-guitar-guru Noodle stars in her very own game!
During the shoot for the Gorillaz' Clint Eastwood video, the co-star stunt ghoulies got carried away and decided to drag bassman Murdoc off to their lair... you play as Noodle and must track down Murdoc and return him to the safe confines of Gorillaz' KONG Studios!
Dodge the grasping hands of the ghoulies and those pesky flapping bats, evade the licking flames of the underground inferno and heed the warnings of Del Tha Funky Homosapien! Beware the Boss ghoul and you'll free Murdoc and return him to safety!


The game's interface is modelled off a Game & WatchW console. The title of the game, 'noodlefight', is present on the upper side of the console, above the screen. A link to the Gorillaz website, a sticker of Noodle and the title 'Zombie Games' are all present on the left side of the screen. The game has three main options: 'Start', which starts the game; 'Hi-Scores', which would connect to the game's (now defunct) leaderboards to show the name of the players with the highest scores and 'Exit', which exits the game. There are also two red buttons: one on the left side, named 'Gorillaz Info', which just shows the message “visit the Gorillaz' website”, and the right one named 'Instructions', which shows or hides the instructions for the game.


You can control Noodle's movement using the keyboard arrows. The front arrow moves her forward, the back arrow moves her backwards and the upper arrow makes her jump. On level 8 and beyond, the spacebar can also be used to shoot shurikens which you collect throughout the level. When you lose all your lives or beat the game, you can enter your name and e-mail into the game's now-defunct leaderboards and see the scores of many players worldwide. You could also choose to subscribe or not to the Gorillaz newsletter through this screen. The game's loading screens feature multiple scenes from the music video which are used to illustrate the events of the game.

The game has an issue when running on Windows XPW or newer operational systems where it runs much faster and has a much higher sensitivity than intended, making it much harder than normal. The game has a total of 9 levels, which often introduce new mechanics to the player. Certain levels also include tips by Del The Ghost Rapper on what to do in them. You can collect coins across the multiple levels to increase your score and additional lives to let you survive longer.

Level 1[]

You start off the game with Noodle on the Kong Studios cemetery at night while it is raining. Level 1 is the simplest of them all. You have to jump over two hands of the zombie gorillas rising from the ground while collecting the coins and the extra life. There is also a zombie gorilla heading to your direction towards the end of the level, which you have to jump over to defeat and reach the end gates. However, if you're fast enough, you can simply avoid the gorilla entirely by getting to the gates before they do.

Level 2[]

Level 2 also has two hands rising from the ground, but there are but no walking zombie gorillas. It introduces floating platforms and pits on the ground that cause you to lose a life if you fall into them. The level is relatively easy and quick compared to the other ones. The rain also stops on this level.

Level 3[]

Level 3 introduces three new mechanics to the game: flying bats that deal damage if the player collides with them, temporary platforms that collapse and fall if you stand on them for too long and flames coming from an inferno beneath the cemetery that deal damage as well. It is one of the hardest levels across the game because of the large number of bats between the many platforms and the absence of continuous solid ground.

Level 4[]

Level 4 is arguably the hardest one across the whole game. While it does not introduce any new mechanics, it includes all three of the ones introduced on Level 3 and makes most of the platforms collapsible while also increasing the number of bats flying between them. This level is extremely difficult to beat when not running at the intended game speed and is where most players lose all their lives and give up.

Level 5[]

Level 5 reintroduces the walking zombie gorillas, with one right at the beginning of the level and two towards the end, but contains significantly fewer collapsible platforms and flying bats than the previous ones. The terrain also transitions back to solid ground towards the end of the level.

Level 6[]

Level 6 contains many hands rising from the ground and zombie gorillas, facing both directions, which the player must avoid and defeat, respectively. It also contains a section towards the end of the level, consisting purely of collapsible platforms and flames, which can be easily crossed if you move and jump fast enough.

Level 7[]

Level 7 combines the collapsible platforms and the flying bats with the zombie gorillas, which you have to stop across the level. It contains less platforms than Level 4, and as such can be considered relatively easier.

Level 8[]

On Level 8, you can pick up shurikens from the ground and use the Spacebar to shoot them at a giant flying bat. The bat, however, doesn't actually inflict damage to Noodle, making the level easily beaten by just picking up enough of them and standing at an elevated platform to shoot it point blank.

Level 9[]

Level 9 is the final level of the game, and a 'boss battle' against a giant zombie gorilla. While the gorilla takes up most of the screen, it can quite easily be beaten by jumping on the tallest platform and then stomping his head, while positioning yourself at the right side of the screen to avoid getting hurt by the gorilla walking towards your direction. When you defeat it, a cutscene plays with the scene of Noodle kicking his chin on the music video for Clint Eastwood, followed by a quick animation of her celebrating and the message 'You've Won!!!'.




  • Noodle Fight is the first standalone Gorillaz game to have ever been released.


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