The Official Message Board Civil War occurred during the late fall/early winter of 2006 in one the alternate universes Figment keeps a timeshare in. The war began when 2-J stopped allowing the registration of new accounts after being granted Mod status; in his craze for power he began banning people with little to no provocation.

A rebel alliance formed, spurred on by boredom and a love of Star Wars. In retaliation 2-J promised admin powers to anyone who would help to bring about his New Forum Order. Names were called, feelings were hurt, and gross limericks were recited about the other side until Cannibal Massakren suggested that maybe they should do some, y'know, actual fighting. The rebels quickly gained key threads, forcing the Order to retreat to Spam-A-Lot. An offensive was planned, but Novel Idea defected and revealed the rebel positions the night before, having obtained them from that slut MindTheGap. The rebels were mercilessly slaughtered, but somehow managed to win in a way Fig hasn't fully explained.

List of Rebels and current status

  • Cannibal Massakren, dead
  • COUNT PWNULA, can't see the color green
  • Bill the Ripper, blind amputee
  • MindTheGap, Buttraped
  • Kimono Owls, ugly
  • Bassist, dead
  • MaskedMouse, buttraped
  • NoirAme, bald
  • British_Sniper, dead (suicide)
  • Punk13405; captured by NFO's and repeatedly beaten and raped by rabid dogs. Before being ripped apart from the ass
  • Frouwke, was an NFO before, but got a brain from eBay
  • Spyder, black

List of NFO's and current status

  • 2-J, done in by his own Edit:ban button.
  • Bassman, dead heroically trying to save gremlin
  • Novel Idea, dead
  • TheBrainyOne, dead
  • Gremlin, dead because 2-J and Bassman were too busy fighting over her
  • Shay86, dead
  • YourMom, dead
  • Jonny, dead

and all were buttraped

People Who Surrendered and current status

  • Turkatron, bringing sexy back to Texas