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Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill (Official Video)

The official music video for the Gorillaz song On Melancholy Hill, third single of the album Plastic Beach. It was released on 12 June 2010 along with the single itself and was produced and animated by film production company Passion Pictures.


A huge ocean liner, (the M. Harriet), is under attack by two planes. A ship attendant finds Noodle in her room, offering to escort her to the lifeboats, but she opens a gun briefcase and walks down the hall past the attendant with a Thompson Submachine Gun. The song begins with Noodle shooting at the two oncoming planes that are attacking the ship. She manages to shoot one plane down but doesn't have enough time to shoot the other. The other plane drops a bomb on the ship. As the ship sinks, Noodle survives and climbs into a lifeboat with only her guitar and some supplies. We then see Murdoc, 2-D and Cyborg Noodle traveling through the deep ocean with a fleet of submarines, crewed by all of the collaborators that featured on the album (e.g. De La Soul, Snoop Dogg, and Gruff Rhys). They rise to the surface, where a large manatee is sitting atop a tall plateau. We then see a gigantic version of drummer Russel Hobbs lift out of the water underneath Noodle's lifeboat. Some believe that Russel's massive size is due to pollution causing radioactivity on the long swim he had when going to Plastic Beach. Back with the rest of the band and collaborators, Murdoc spots the Boogieman character leaning over the creature and orders Cyborg Noodle to attack it. Cyborg Noodle shoots at the Boogieman but the bullets do him no harm. He grabs the manatee and dives into the ocean, sinking with it. When the fog clears, it reveals Plastic Beach.


Music Video[]


  • On Melancholy Hill single on iTunes (defunct);
  • Unofficial YouTube and Vimeo uploads.


  • Production Company: Zombie Flesh Eaters
  • Director: Jamie Hewlett
  • Co-directors: Pete Candeland
  • Producer: Cara Speller • Debbie Crosscup
  • Editor: Seb Monk • Lee Gingold • Tim King
  • Animation Production Company: Passion Pictures
  • Executive Producer: Hugo Sands
  • 2D Animation Director: Robert Valley
  • 2D Animators: Daryl Graham • Pete Dodd • Yuriy Sivers
  • 2D Layout: Nelson Yokota De Paula Lima
  • 2D Assistants: Jay Wren • Gerry Gallego • Tabbi Oconnell • Simon Swales
  • 2D FX: Dave Headd • Giles Dill • Tim Divall • Kim Rabbitt • Micheal Sofoluke
  • Ink and Paint: Megs White Dore
  • 2D Co-ordination: Tony Clarke
  • Head Of CG: Jason Nicholas
  • VFX Supervisor: Neil Riley
  • CG Modelling: Ian Brown • Matthias Bjurstrom • Mario Ucci
  • Texture/Shading: Ian Brown • Gabriel Loques • Melanie Climent • Claire Michaud
  • Rigging: Chris Dawson, Francois Pons
  • CG Animation Supervisor: Wes Coman
  • CG Animation: Chris Welsby • Isabel Auphan • Sandra Guarda, Alice Holme
  • CG Lighting Supervisor: Harry Bardak
  • Lighting/Render: Claire Michaud • Guillame Cassuto • Jon Uriarte
  • CG FX: Jamie Franks • Sajjad Amjad • Jayson King
  • Composite: Johnny Still • Niamh Lines • David Lea • James Butler
  • Matte Painting: Max Dennison
  • Post Production: The Moving Picture Company
  • Colourist: Paul Harrison
  • Producer MPC: Josh King
  • Software: Final Cut Pro • Modo • Softimage XSI • RealFlow • Nuke • Toonz • Photoshop



D376694E-0C75-49E3-82EA-F159F3A43431 HomeSweetHomePlasticBeach BoogiemanHill
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  • The intro to the music video is referred to as "IDENT ("madam")" on concert setlists.