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PAC-MAN is a song from Gorillaz' seventh studio album Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez and a part of Gorillaz' 2020 web series Song Machine. The song features American rapper and songwriter ScHoolboy Q.


Like, uhhh... talkin’ about where I’ve been, where I came from, you know. Meeting up with you guys, I been a fan of you guys for ever.
~ ScHoolboy Q, Machine Bitez #11

PAC-MAN was the last track that got recorded in West London Kong Studios, just before the first 2020 COVID-19 pandemic lockdown started. The song was co-produced by Gorillaz, Remi Kabaka Jr. and Prince Paul.

PAC-MAN premiered on the Gorillaz YouTube channel on July 20, 2020 as Episode Five.[1] The Song Machine Episode 5 EP got re-released on July 31, 2020, this time with the Machine Bitez #11 track, that was missing from the initial release.


[Intro: 2-D]
Let's go
Uh, ah

[Chorus: 2-D]
You can freak me out, you can throw me in the lion pit
You can boil my hands and tell me I'm not here
I'm a mad Pac-Man, living in a leveled world
Everywhere I go I don't know where I am

[Verse 1: 2-D]
You can call me crack, you can call me mad and cyborg
You can load my head and send me into bathing light
Everybody knows, when I was sad, I fell for you
Everywhere I go, No stressin' out, No stressin' out
No stressin' out, No stressin' out, stressin' out

[Chorus: 2-D]
You can hide your head, you can throw me in the lion pit
You can boil my days and tell me I'm not blue
Everybody knows, when I was sad, I fell for you
Everywhere I go, I don't know where I am

[Break: 2-D]
No stressin' out, No stressin' out
No stressin' out, No stressin' out
No stressin' out, No stressin' out
No stressin' out, No stressin' out
No stressin' out, No stressin' out
No stressin' out, No stressin' out
No stressin' out, No stressin' out
No stressin' out

[Verse 2: ScHoolboy Q]
Uh, how can I trust truth?
Uh, when I ain't got nothin' to sell
I shattered my thoughts to get out my shell
Uh, why would I hold my tongue to tuck in my tails?
Ayy, can't dream if my ego is broke, nah
The jokes that try to find the answer to nope (Uh)
My type of drive, you can't buy this shit
You got a heart but it don't beat like this
I had a spark, then my mind went trip
Create the wave so the vibe all mix

[Break: 2-D & ScHoolboy Q]
(I'm a mad Pac-Man) Suu
(Living in a leveled world)

[Verse 3: ScHoolboy Q]
Yo, I been at the top of the top
Fell from the ceiling before I fell
'Cause I needed to grow, Bruce Lee, royal with the glow
Uh, walked on the edge, fuck tryna dream in the bed
'Fore I die on these meds, n***** gon' die on the feds
'Fore I make it to jail, prolly put one in the head
Fuck the judge and the prosecutor for hangin' me dead
Plus thirty and still movin', I'm closer to live, right?
Closer to live, right?
All the trauma from past never taught me to fear heights
Normal to fly now, can't be stuck in the red lights
Take flight, the life gon' bloom for the Black Knight
Keep a piece, no Buddhist, got the whole hood boomin'
I'm like a Crip how I stewed it, you on your ass, stuck, stupid
You makin' we look bad, I rock the beat, won't crash
I had to fill my bag, I had to hide my stash
You know the cops' lights flash, I had to clear my dash
I represent my flag, I gave the hood my last
Every full-grown minute, I had to change my image
The brain don't got limits, you think a mill' mean winnin'
Pigs out here skinnin', your soul ain't authentic
You died and still ain't livin'

Music Video[]

Lyric Video[]



  • Vocals: Gorillaz, ScHoolboy Q
  • Backing Vocals: Gorillaz 
  • Guitar: Gorillaz, John Smythe 
  • Bass: Gorillaz, Weathrman
  • Drums: Gorillaz, Remi Kabaka Jr,
  • Percussion: Gorillaz, Remi Kabaka Jr,
  • Keyboards: Gorillaz, Weathrman
  • Synthesizer: Gorillaz, Weathrman
  • Mixing: Stephen Sedgwick
  • Engineering: Stephen Sedgwick, Samuel Egglenton, Elvin 'Wit' Shahbazian
  • Mastering: John Davis 
  • Production: Gorillaz, Remi Kabaka Jr, Prince Paul 
  • Writers: D. Albarn, E. Shahbazian, J. Smythe, Joel McNeill, John McNeill, P. Huston, Q. Hanley, R. Kabaka Jr. 


  • The track was released in celebration of Pac-Man's 40th anniversary.[2]


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