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Parlophone Records Limited (also known as Parlophone Records and Parlophone) is a German-British record label founded in Germany in 1896 by the Carl Lindström Company as Parlophon. The British branch of the label was founded on 8 August 1923 as The Parlophone Company Limited (The Parlophone Co. Ltd.), which developed a reputation in the 1920s as a jazz record label. On 5 October 1926, the Columbia Graphophone Company acquired Parlophone's business, name, logo, and release library, and merged with the Gramophone Company on 31 March 1931 to become Electric & Musical Industries Limited (EMI). George Martin joined Parlophone in 1950 as assistant label manager, taking over as manager in 1955. Martin produced and released a mix of recordings, including by comedian Peter Sellers, pianist Mrs Mills, and teen idol Adam Faith.


In 1931 Parlophone merged with EMI which let EMI own copyright to Gorillaz. In 2016/2017 a image was released to promote Humanz which showed Murdoc standing on top of the Plastic Beach sub while Cyborg Noodle was trying to start it. Murdoc is looking directly at a ship which has the EMI logo on it. This image was shown that Gorillaz deal with EMI was stopped due to EMI shutting down in 2012. This didn't mean Gorillaz were not apart of Parlophone and Humanz and The Now Now was released by Parlophone.


In 2014, EMI's channel named emimusic (now renamed to Parlophone Records) uploaded most of the Phase 1 music videos. EMI also uploaded Dirty Harry but it was blocked worldwide by the Warner Music Group who own Parlophone Records but EMI was owned by the Universal Music Group which due to Parlophone and EMI merging half owned Gorillaz. Parlophone's original youtube account just named "parlophone" uploaded a "remastered" version of the Feel Good Inc. music video after Gorillaz uploaded all there music video's in HD quality this video was unlisted from the channel but if you find the link is still watchable. EMI's youtube channel Youtube link currently redirects to Vevo's Youtube channel. The album cover of Damon Albarn's Dr. Dee's album, Gorillaz self-titled album and Plastic Beach can be seen in Parlophone's youtube account's channel art.

Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood-0

Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood-0

emimusic's upload of Clint Eastwood

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