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She was a rubbish looking bird. Seriously, she looked like Grayson Perry or something.
~ Murdoc Niccals, Rise of the Ogre

Paula Cracker is 2-D's ex-girlfriend and the Gorillaz's first guitarist. She was kicked from the band after Russel caught her having an affair with Murdoc in the Kong Studios toilets.[1]


Paula had been dating 2-D for two months when she was invited to join the band after Russel. However, after he found her giving Murdoc a blowjob, Russel, who was 2-D's best friend, punched Murdoc in the face and broke his nose in five places; explaining its strange appearance. Russel relayed the news to 2-D, and Paula left the band. It was alleged that she was kicked out of the band, while some fans speculate that she left to avoid any further in-fighting among her former bandmates. She was eventually replaced by Noodle as the band's guitarist in 1998.

She was only featured in one song, Ghost Train, the band's first ever song recorded back when they were still known as "Gorilla". Ghost Train was later featured as a B-side track to the single release of "Rock the House" and on the compilation album G-Sides.

Paula is considered a sensitive subject whenever 2-D is present. In the Plastic Beach iTunes interview, 2-D attacked Murdoc for mentioning the incident with Paula, prompting Murdoc to stop him with a chloroform-stained rag.

During Phase Two, Paula participated in the interview sessions for the Gorillaz autobiography Rise of the Ogre. As of 2020, she is the manager of Asda in Stoke-on-Trent,[2] and was also featured on the Where Are They Now? page of the Gorillaz Almanac along with Cortez the Raven.

During Cracker Island and the run up to the release of the music video for Silent Running, Murdoc believes that 2-D had betrayed The Last Cult for The Forever Cult because he still holds a two decade old grudge at Murdoc for having an affair with Paula and breaking up their relationship.[3]



  • In the band's original lineup image, the birthmark above Paula's lip is missing. meaning she could have concealed it with makeup for the photo shoot.
  • Rise of the Ogre has the only recording of Paula's voice.


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