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Gorillaz: Penalty Shootout is an in-browser minigame from Phase 7, made to promote the release of the single Baby Queen, featured on the soundtrack of the videogame FIFA 23. The game was released on November 29, 2022.


Beat your opponent in a Penalty Shootout!
You will have 5 shots and 5 saves. Choose a target from within the goal to indicate where you want the ball or goalie to go!
Good luck!



This sports game consists of a football penalty shootout against Noodle while playing as 2-D in a stadium. Before playing, the game requires the player to sign in using an email addres or a Spotify account.

The game gives the player 5 shots and 5 attempts to save penalties, with the player and CPU taking turns to shoot. Clicking a target in the goal will either shoot the ball in that place or have the goalie attempt to make a save in that position depending on who's turn it is to take a penalty. The player gets a win when the game finishes with more points than the opponent.

The final screen shows the final score and an option to retry the game or click a link that will redirect to the official website for the album Cracker Island.