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Peter Hook on stage in 2018

Peter Hook (b. 13 February 1956) is an English singer, songwriter, bassist, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. He is best known as the bassist and co-founder of English rock bands Joy Division and New Order.

Role in Gorillaz

Peter Hook provided bass and backing vocals on the track Aries from Gorillaz' seventh studio album Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez. Later he and his band Peter Hook and The Light recorded a cover of the track.[1] He also made an apperance on Song Machine Live and joined Gorillaz on the Song Machine Tour.

Musical Career

Peter Hook co-founded a rock band Joy Division in 1976. After the death of lead singer Ian Curtis in 1980 the band split up and reformed as New Order, where he played bass until 2007. Hook has also recorded albums with bands Revenge, Monaco and Freebass. He is currently the lead singer and bassist for the group Peter Hook and the Light.

Hook mostly used the bass as a lead instrument, playing melodies on the high strings with a signature heavy chorus effect. In New Order, he would do this, leaving the actual basslines to keyboards or sequencers. He said that he developed this playing style because of poor quality speekars he had to use when he started playing with Joy Division.



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