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"Phase One: Celebrity Take Down" is a compilation DVD released on November 18, 2002. The DVD was set in Kong Studios and features music videos, G-Bitez and Gorillaz: Charts Of Darkness. Media from 2000-2002. The DVD also featured games on a CD-Rom from the Gorilaz existing from Phase One.

The Intro music is from Cannibal Holocaust, a gore horror film loved by Jamie Hewlett, called ''Adulteress' Punishment''.


In 2002, an investigator is sent to investigate the strange behaviour of Kong Studios, which has been cordoned off. You are playing the investigator. While this is happening, Gorillaz have abandoned Kong and left England as a whole to make a film in Los Angeles, which will eventually be scrapped, due to disagreements and the band soon to breaking up. The Investigator, the player, goes around Kong Studios with a flashlight to different rooms to investigate the strange paranormal activities. This is happening while Gorillaz.com has been shut down after the phases end. The investigator, you, will go around but can't stay too long in the rooms of kong studios otherwise they will be killed and brought back to life by the Spacemonkeyz, who have inhabited the building, and all be brought back to the Ground Floor Lobby. After investigating all the rooms the player will be brought out of Kong Studios through vents, into the freezer and brought outside to view the credits of the DVD.

After watching the intro you are taken to a screen of Kong Studios' lobby, from here you can select parts of the screen to move to different parts of Kong Studios or access items that appear, which accesses certain parts of DVD content (depending on the item). This was done using interactive menus. Each room is in effect an interactive menu, and the animations of walking from room to room are menu-to-menu animations. This version of Kong Studios is more reminiscent of the version seen on Gorillaz.com, also known then from 2000-2008 as the Kong Studios website. The DVD is more 2D-like compared to Phase Two: Slowboat To Hades, a DVD with a similar concept released 4 years later, which had a more computerized design. As previously mentioned, the player can also die or pass out during their visit. This changes from room to room as the player tries to escape before seeing visions of hands (Both animated and real) and Dr. Wurzel. The player can also hear eerie scary haunting noises from each room, For example, in Murdoc's Winnebago, you can hear other cars being opened and moved. You can also hear people sharting in the toilets although you're the only one there.......

Although you can see Gorillaz outside the Kong Studios building during the intro, they are off in America, L.A, making a film. Despite Gorillaz themselves abandoning the building completely, there are still inhabitants featured in different rooms. Although you are the only one supposed to be in the building; there are also some unknown creatures featured on the DVD, such as random pairs of hands that appear throughout Kong Studios which capture the player while they're running away swell as unknown people shitting in the kong studios toilets. Dr. Wurzel can also be seen in 2-D's room as the player dies. Three months after Laika Come Home was released, the Spacemonkeyz still roam and inhabit Kong Studios. They can be seen in the Lobby when you first enter swell as when you die. But it is implied that they left with the Li'l Dub Chefin video featured at the very end of the DVD as they can be seen leaving in a rocket ship. Although the DVD is mostly abandoned by any other inhabitants, you can still find the Cinema Clerk trapped in the booth in the cinema, the spacemonkeyz, Dr. Wurzel, MEL and random spirits and Demons.

Remember You Are Never Alone on that DVD; as the investigator.

Rooms Featured[]

First Floor[]

Ground Floor[]


DVD Content[]

  • "Tomorrow Comes Today", "Rock The House", "Clint Eastwood", "19-2000" and "Lil' Dub Chefin'" promo videos.
  • Animatics and design sketches for all of the promo videos except Lil' Dub Chefin'.
  • An 'unfinished' video for "5/4" (sketches and short rough animations set to music).
  • Interview with 2-D
  • Animation of Murdoc's Winnebago driving on the moon
  • Gorillaz's live appearance at the Brits, and the Golden Music Awards
  • Visuals from the live show with accompanying backing tracks for Sound Check (Gravity), 5/4, Tomorrow Comes Today, Punk and M1 A1.
  • An intro featuring the Gorillaz fighting zombies
  • 'Death scenes'; if you stay in a room too long then you are 'killed' in a way specific to the room and returned to the lobby.
  • Charts Of Darkness' documentary
  • Featuring the Gorillaz Bitez: "Hey! Our Toys Have Arrived", "Jump the Gut", "Fancy Dress", "Free Tibet Campaign", "The Eel" and "Game Of Death".
  • Video tour of the website with MEL the Kong Studios computer as your guide.

CD-ROM Content[]


  1. "Introduction" – 1:20
  2. "Tomorrow Comes Today" (Video) – 3:15
  3. "The Game of Death" (G-Bite) – 1:00
  4. "Clint Eastwood" (Video) – 4:44
  5. "Clint Eastwood" (Animatic) – 4:44
  6. "Clint Eastwood" (Storyboards)
  7. "Image Gallery" – 6:13
  8. "The Eel" (G-Bite) – 1:00
  9. "19/2000" (Video) – 3:55
  10. "19/2000" (Animatic) – 3:55
  11. "19/2000" (Storyboards)
  12. "2D Interview" – 0:55
  13. "Free Tibet" (G-Bite) – 1:00
  14. "Rock The House" (Video) – 3:15
  15. "Rock The House" (Animatic) – 3:15
  16. "Rock The House" (Storyboards)
  17. "Jump The Gut" (G-Bite) – 1:15
  18. "5/4" (Unfinished Animatic) – 3:00
  19. "Hey, Our Toys Have Arrived!" (G-Bite) – 0:45
  20. "Clint Eastwood" (Live at the Brits) – 4:12
  21. "Clint Eastwood" (Live at the Golden Music Awards) – 4:15
  22. "The Charts of Darkness" (Documentary) – 24:55
  23. "M1A1" (Live Show Visual) – 4:01
  24. "Tomorrow Comes Today" (Live Show Visual) – 3:15
  25. "Dracula" (Live Show Visual) – 4:44
  26. "Punk" (Live Show Visual) – 1:36
  27. "5/4" (Live Show Visual) – 3:00
  28. "Sound Check (Gravity)" (Live Show Visual) – 4:34
  29. "Gorillaz Website Tour" – 10:03
  30. "Dr. Wurzel's Winnebago" – 6:11
  31. "Fancy Dress" (Unfinished G-Bite) – 0:45
  32. "Lil' Dub Chefin" (Video) & End Credits – 4:45
  33. "Hidden Extras"

Release dates and chart positions[]

UK/EUROPE: 18/11/02 - peak chart position: unknown

US: 26/11/02 - peak chart position: unknown

JAPAN: 26/02/03 - peak chart position: unknown

Video Tour[]


Gorillaz - Phase 1- Celebrity Take Down