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American cover with Parental Advisory logo.

Slowboat To Hades is a Phase Two DVD that includes the full videos for the Gorillaz Phase Two singles, the MTV EMAs, Grammys and Brits live performances, the Gorillaz MTV Cribs episode, the Phase Two Gorilla bites, a new Kong Studio guide, a gallery, and short interviews. It is set to the familiar theme of Phase One: Celebrity Take Down DVD, which is set in Kong Studios and you can find music videos, G-Bitez and more from the phase it was set in. The DVD comes bundled with a CD-ROM featuring games and wallpapers. It was released for all territories on October 30th, 2006.

The Intro music is from Cannibal Holocaust, a gore horror film loved by Jamie Hewlett, called ''Adulteress' Punishment''.


In 2006, after the El Mañana Video Shoot, Slowboat To Hades was advertised in the Lobby of Kong Studios on Gorillaz.com, also known as the Kong Studios website; where Kong Studios was once interactive. When the player would click on the Tv in the lobby it would play the intro featured on the DVD. The Slowboat To Hades DVD follows the same concept as the Phase One: Celebrity Take Down DVD, where an investigator is told about the strange activities going on at Kong Studios. Sometime in 2006, an investigator is told about strange things going on at Kong Studios. The investigator, the player, moves around Kong Studios to investigate with a flashlight.

Slowboat To Hades is set in Kong Studios after the events of the El Mañana video. Due to Noodle being gone; Kong had started entering a state of disrepair. At the time of Slowboat To Hades release, Gorillaz.com's interactive version of Kong Studios had started going into despair. This version of Kong Studios was completely computerised unlike the Celebrity Take Down DVD. In the DVD you can find Kong Studios destroyed; the lobby no longer had the contents it had before, and the same went for the rest of Kong, with there not being a lot of content. The DVD was missing the G-Shop, The Kitchen, The Balcony and Noodle's Room. After visiting all the rooms the player gets a special video featured in an unknown room.

The only residents on the Slowboat To Hades DVD were the Lobby Demon, The Cinema Clerk, Shaun Ryder's Disembodied Head in the Studio Kitchen Fridge along with the Polar Bear and Crocodile sitting in their usual seats in the Studio. At this time 2-D had left to get a law degree, Noodle was of course presumed dead, Russel had left Kong to make Gorillaz remixes and Murdoc had been left by himself, before leaving to take a journey around the world. Leaving Kong Studios empty of any Gorillaz members.


Rooms Featured[]

First Floor[]

Ground Floor[]


DVD contents[]

  1. "Feel Good Inc." Video
  2. "DARE" Video
  3. "Dirty Harry" Video
  4. "El Mañana" Video
  5. "Feel Good Inc." animatic
  6. "DARE" animatic
  7. "Dirty Harry" animatic
  8. "El Mañana" animatic
  9. "The Swagga"
  10. Bill Murray
  11. "Spitting Out The Demons"
  12. "Kids With Guns"
  13. "People"
  14. "Samba At 13"
  15. "Murdoc Is God"
  16. Demon Days album ad
  17. Demon Days Live DVD ad
  18. Demon Days Live Manchester Mash-Up
  19. Dare Ringtone ad
  20. GES mobile games trailer
  21. Celebrity Takedown DVD trailer
  22. MTV Europe Music Awards performance
  23. Feel Up Live performance
  24. Brit Awards 2006 performance
  25. El Mañana Live in Harlem
  26. Brit Awards rehearsals
  27. Gorillaz Live in Harlem sting
  28. Hip Hop Machine Ident (Russel Ident)
  29. Mexican Jailer Ident (Murdoc Ident)
  30. Fairground Ident (2D Ident)
  31. Capsule Hotel Ident (Noodle Ident)
  32. On The Island G Bite
  33. Talent Quest G Bite
  34. Noodle VMA acceptance speech
  35. Murdoc Alternative Queen's speech
  36. Murdoc Record Company Thank You
  37. Noodle's Dance Moves
  38. MTV Cribs
  39. Monk's montage
  40. Polar bear gags
  41. End Credits (Phase 2: Slow Boat To Hades)
  42. Murdoc's Alternative Queen's Speech (Outtakes)
  43. New York Live Puppet Intro
  44. We Are Happy Landfill
  45. Website Walkthrough, Kong Studios Tour
  46. 2-D And Murdoc in New York
  47. Feel Good Inc (Audio Commentary)
  48. Murdoc 6.6.6 Animation

Bonus DVD-ROM Contents[]

16 games with fullscreen mode: Russel's Animal Kwackers, Bowlatronic, Russel's Cookie Eating, Drunken Darts, Dirty Harry Driving Gam, Helly-Drop, Identikit, Murdoc's Operation Rejuvenation, Potato Peeling, Santa Sleigher, Pumpomatic, Shooting Range, Mahjong, Murdoc's Attache Case, Tiles Of The Unexpected and Bonesy's Apple Bobbing; plus eight screensavers, 45 wallpapers and hidden achievement-based extras.