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The Pink Phantom is a ghost that haunts Gorillaz’ New Kong Studios. It makes it's first appearance in the music video for The Pink Phantom. After that it reappeares in the original The Valley of the Pagans music video and The Lost Chord music video. in Machine Bitez #15 2-D says that Pink Phantom likes negativity.


In Episode 7 of Song Machine Murdoc tries to catch the Pink Phantom with a butterfly net during the filming of the music video. Later in Machine Bitez #16 Murdoc continues his search for it around Kong Studios and it's revealed that the Phantom is hiding in the trunk of the Stylo. It's later seen in The Valley of the Pagans, still hiding in the trunk. When the band lands near Point Nemo in The Lost Chord the Phantom escapes out of the car and flies off into the distance.