Gorillaz plastic beach walkthrough part 1-0

The Plastic Beach web game was available through Gorillaz.com from 2010-2014. In the game, you, an unnamed visitor of the island, are tasked with assisting Murdoc on various different missions throughout the island.


Mission 1: Save the Swine

Once you arrived at the island you discovered that Murdoc had accidentally trapped himself within his secret war room bunker, located behind a bookshelf in his study room.

Your first task is to free Murdoc by traveling down to the Boiler room and activating the power to open the bookshelf door, to do so you had to fix the elevator which required a spanner. By feeding flam (a knock off of the brand spam) to Murdoc's pet fish, you're able to capture one and feed it to the Pelican sat at the entrance of the island, once the Pelican has eaten the Fish it will regurgitate a Spanner which it had accidentally ingested, allowing you to fix the elevator.

When you enter the Boiler room, the Engineer will request that you make him a cup of tea, at the back of the room you can find MEL , who is now equipped with a tea dispenser. Once providing the Engineer with a cup of tea he will explain that there's not enough room on his 4 plug adapter to keep the power on upstairs and that you'll have to find more adapters.

When you entered 2D's room, he would be sat shivering next to a window in fear of the whale known as Massive Dick, which Murdoc hired to prevent 2D from attempting to escape. Once closing 2D's curtains he would calm down and allow you to borrow his 12 socket multiplug to give to the Engineer. 

Now that the power was reactivated, Murdoc, still trapped behind the bookshelf, would tell you to go to his personal bedroom to acquire the book known as 'The Bastard'. Once the Book was placed in the hole in the shelf the secret door would open up.

After spending 4 minutes walking down what felt to be an infinite staircase you would arrive at Murdoc's War Room. Once you've entered Murdoc would begin interrogating you about if you're in possession of the final page of the Book of M.A.N. From here you were to travel back to the Plane Dock area of the island where you could find a page floating in the ocean. After picking it up and returning it to Murdoc you have officially completed Mission 1!

Mission 2: The Broadcast

Beginning where the last mission left off, Murdoc tells you before you can enter the lighthouse or the Doncamatic Submarine you need to wait for a parcel to arrive. Once returning to the entrance of the island you will be greeted by the Evangelist in a postman disguise. They will ask you to sign for a parcel which can be done by using a quill that can be found in Murdoc's Study room. After taking the parcel back down to the War Room and opening it up you receive access to both the Submarine & The Lighthouse along with a bottle of baby oil.

Big Rick Black’s Record Shack.jpg

Murdoc tells you that he's missing some record needles needed for his upcoming radio broadcast which leads you to Big Rick Black's Record Shack. Once entering the record store you're required to ask Big Rick 3 questions about the Gorillaz albums on his wall, after 3 he will have fallen asleep. While Big Rick was asleep you were able to smear the baby oil on his body. After waking him up again you're able to ask him for a record, he will turn around to face the back wall which allows you to steal his butter recipe and his stick of gum while he's not looking.


Next, you were able to pick up a pair of speakers from the recording studio and some horns from Murdoc's bedroom. After retrieving all these items then entering 2D's room you're able to interact with the Donkatron (The Keyboard found on the cover of the single of Doncamatic ). After attaching the Horns and Speakers to the Donkatron you had to set the frequency to 2 squinks and 6 squonks. After activating the machine with the new frequency settings a jar of coins placed on top of the Donkatron would fall off, allowing you to pick up both the jar and the coins separately.

Returning to MEL with your new items would give you the option of filling the jar with water, once doing so, you could return to the War Room and mix in some powdered milk. Return to 2D's room and place the gum on top of the Donkatron to prevent the jar from falling off again. 

After waiting 10 minutes the player was rewarded with butter from the jar. which was created by the bass mixing the water & powdered milk. Once the butter was created the player could return to Big Rick Black's Record Shack and smear the butter on him which would allow him to turn back round to face the front of the shop, once doing so he would gift you Murdoc's vinyl.


Once giving Murdoc his vinyl a security camera on Murdoc's monitor would show a satellite crash into the ocean, he would then request that you go retrieve the transmitter from the wreckage by using the Doncamatic Submarine. To power the Submarine you needed to retrieve the Donkatron from 2D and plug it in as an engine. After activating the Submarine Murdoc would offer to send you the coordinates of each of the 3 parts of the wreckage, the player was able to choose which one they went after first but also had the option of going in blind without them.

After traversing through an underwater maze in a 2-dimensional mini-game and retrieving the transmitter parts, the player gave the pieces to the Engineer (who's now wearing a gas mask due to a gas leak), he would repair them, this took another total of 10 minutes of waiting. 


Once the transmitter was fixed, the player would return to the War Room for the key but would be greeted by an imposter in a Murdoc mask rather than Murdoc in person. The imposter Murdoc would give you the Key to the lighthouse which would allow you to set up the transmitter, then broadcasting Pirate Radio: 5, The Fall to the world as a distraction while he made his daring escape with Cyborg Noodle in the Doncamatic Submarine. You have officially completed Mission 2!

The Imposter

Murdoc hired the Imposter to work as a double to trick the Boogieman into collecting the wrong soul, his plan was carefully set in motion by him pre-recording his Pirate Radio show, then broadcasting it to let the Black Clouds discover his whereabouts, right after the Black Clouds picked up his transmission, the events of Rhinestone Eyes took place. 

Scrapped Misson 2 Story

The final chapter of the book was split into several pieces of a map of Plastic Beach. When they were to be stitched together (completing the chapter) by the player, Plastic Beach would be pulled from the ocean by a giant hand, the island itself being chained to a plug at the bottom of the sea; causing the plug to come out and the entire universe as we know it to end up getting washed down the drain. The End. 


  • The Islands interior and artwork were mainly produced by Tim Watkins


Complete Game Walkthrough Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC7qnIqtMuJKNW2sQISvH1JS9ef8mTTgy

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