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“What if the whole world is crashing down through space?”
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This article is about the character idents. For other uses, see Plastic Beach (disambiguation).

The Plastic Beach Idents are five advertisement teasers made in early 2010 to promote Gorillaz' third studio album, Plastic Beach. There is one for each band member, explaining the events that took place before the album's release, as well as how some of them got to the island.

Some of the idents also include partially un-released songs by the band from the Plastic Beach recording sessions. The videos were all uploaded to the band's official YouTube channel, but were later taken down as promotion for the album was no longer needed.



Murdoc drinking champagne

Murdoc boards a boat, piloted by an old man, with a briefcase full of money. Then, when he picks up a champagne bottle to drink, a member of The Black Clouds - who were hunting him down after he'd sold them broken weapons - shoots at him from a distance, shattering his bottle. Murdoc then tells the man to go faster, and so he does.

The song Three Hearts, Seven Seas, Twelve Moons plays in the background of the ident.


2D Ident

2-D before getting gassed

2-D is at his apartment in Beirut looking through a window. While he is doing so, the Boogieman fills the room with gas, causing 2-D to faint and go to sleep. At Plastic Beach, 2-D awakes in a suit case on the island's shore.

An early mix of the song Rhinestone Eyes, named Here We Go Again, plays in the background.


Russel Ident

Russel running into the water

There are two fisherman pacifically fishing in a lake near the ocean. Russel then storms into the pier and jumps into the lake, leaving his body to float into the sea.


Russel's note

Before the events of the ident, Russel left behind a note describing what had happened. The note explains that he was going to become 'one with the ocean' in order to stay away from demons that chased him. This is a callback to the events that surrounded him during the hiatus between phases 1 and 2, when Russel was trying to make a solo hip-hop career after Del was reaped from his body by the Grim Reaper, but every time he heard his music he had hallucinations of demons coming out of the speakers.

An unreleased version of the song Crashing Down, sung by 2-D, plays in the background.

Cyborg Noodle[]


An unmasked Cyborg Noodle can be seen with wires connected to her. She then puts on her mask and smiles to the camera.

The song A Very Dark Night plays in the background.


On Melancholy Hill

Noodle carrying her gun at the end of the ident

Noodle's ident is the only one to contain spoken word. Noodle is at her room aboard the M. Harriet in the middle of the Pacific Ocean when suddenly two fighter planes piloted by members of the Black Clouds show up and start attacking the ship, likely in an attempt to take down her. A ship attendant enters her cabin to warn her of the attack and escort her to the lifeboats, but she picks up and opens a gun briefcase and walks down the hall past the attendant towards the ship's deck carrying a Thompson Submachine Gun.


(A ship attendant runs to Noodle's room in a hurry. He knocks on the door rapidly.)

M. Harriet Employee: Madam, this ship is under attack from pirates. I've been sent to escort you to the lifeboats.

(Noodle grabs her gun briefcase) M. Harriet Employee: Madam?! Oh!


M. Harriet Employee: I- oh dear!

(Noodle walks out while the lights start to flicker)