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The Plastic Beach model is a physical representation of the island.

The model in the water tank.

It was designed by Jamie Hewlett and Zombie Flesh Eaters, and then built by Asylum FX.

The three meters high model and all its accessories (consisting of boats, planes, submarines, and pirate galleon) were shot from different angles in a 50.000 litre circular water tank to promote the album. It's in particular the object of the different album covers.

We can see its conception in the making of DVD included in the Experience Edition of the Plastic Beach LP.

It's unknown where this model is stored at the moment, nor even if it still exists.


The model during its construction

As seen in the digital experience booklet of the Plastic Beach album:


Director: Jamie Hewlett

Producer: Cara Speller

Editor: Seb Monk

Production Company: Zombie Flesh Eaters


Modelmakers: Asylum Models & Effects Ltd.

Mark Ward, David Plewis, Conor Breen, Kate McConnell, Lee Sutton, Roger Wotton, John Sims, Frank Farman, Michael Cox, David Payne, John Pennicott


DOP: Tristan Oliver

Production Manager: Patrick Duguid

Visual Effects supervisor: Neil Riley

Camera operator: Mike Metcalfe

Focus Puller: Jeremy Fusco

Grips: Jem Morton, Johnny Donne, Stuart Godfrey

SI 2K DIT: Steve Price

Technocrane Technician: Neil Tomlin

Motion control cameramen: Malcolm Wooldridge, George Theophanous

Motion control operator: Digna Nigoumi

3D Rig Chase: Andy Bull

Gaffer: Toby Farrar

Electricians: Jamie Khosravi, Paolo Fernandes

Riggers: Paul Wellstead, S. Sansom, Edward Sansom

Art Direction & Pre-visualisation: Painting Practice

Camera & Grip equipment: c/o Pete Moore at Take 2 film services

Motion control rig: c/o Rob Delicata at Visual Effects company Ltd.

Lighting equipment: c/o Eddie Dias at Panalux

Rigging equipment: c/o Vince Shaw at Metro Rigging