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In the epilogue of the book, "Rise of the Ogre", a transcript of a radio broadcast is printed out from Noodle. It goes as followed:

"Murdoc!!! Russel... Is anybody there?! It's me, Noodle... is anybody there?! You need to reply...helllloooo!!! Come's Noodle...I've found the missing...they're coming!!!! (quieter) The reception here is really terrible... (back to normal volume) MURDOC!!! Murdoc!!! Come in!!! They know where you...Mur......It's coming from...Murdoc, mayday...mayday...Murdoc!!! COME IN, GORILLAZ!!!"

In the Room of Brians, there is a similar transmission from Noodle, warning them of danger in Kong.

This is what Noodle says:

"The plague! The Plague! Murdoc, er, you need to bring them out. Er, can you hear me? Murdoc! (Static) Murdoc! (Something unintelligible) hear you! Help!!! You need to get out!!!! (Static) Hurry, before it's too late! 遅くなる前に急いで! Mayday! Mayday! You need to (Something Unintelligible) the demon boy! It's the demon boy! You must get out!! Hurry!! Mayday!! It's the building, it's coming apart, it's right beneath the building, you have to get out! Murdoc, you've got to get the combination わかる? COMBINATION!!!"

It is quite likely that this transmission refers to the hell hole beneath the building that shows Murdoc rising out of the hole, and saying "I want your souls" which is repeated over and over, turning distorted and deeper with each echo.