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Gorillaz - Rock The House (Official Video)

The official music video for the Gorillaz song Rock The House, third single of the self-titled album Gorillaz. It was released on 28 September 2001 on Gorillaz.com and was produced and animated by film production company Passion Pictures.[1]


The video starts with a shot of the gate of Kong Studios, leading the camera to the window of the Evil Twins lurking out. The camera then follows Noodle on her tricycle through the hallways of the building, until she enters the doors to the room where the rest of the Gorillaz members are performing.

The other members of the band were seen playing their instruments on a futuristic game court in Kong Studios. The game consists of using your body to try to prevent balls fired from a cannon from hitting a target. The more balls that hit the target, the more points the opposing team gets. Suddenly, Del appears and starts rapping. 2-D, Murdoc and Del all play rounds of the game. Del stops all the balls with his great strength. Next up is 2-D, who tries to dodge all the balls by dancing (more notably pelvic thrusting), but still ends up getting hit and hurt. Finally Murdoc has a go, and he deflects the balls using his crotch. At first he is successful but ends up being incapacitated after too vigorous a thrust.


Other than the unfinished drawings and animations from the animatic, it doesn't have many notable differences from the final version of the music video.


Music Video[]



Teaser Trailer[]

  • Certain CD releases of the Rock the House single.


  • DIRECTORS: Jamie Hewlett and Pete Candeland
  • PRODUCER: Sophie Byrne
  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Andrew Ruhemann/Tom Astor
  • ANIMATORS: Pete Candeland, Dave Antrobus, Chris Hauge
  • ASSISTANT AND FX ANIMATORS: Dave Burns, Molly Sanderson, Michael Douglas, Rufus Dayglo, Nicola Perkiss
  • TRACERS: Sam Spacey, Angeline da Silva
  • CG ANIMATORS: Chris Hemming, Stuart Hall
  • COMPOSITING: Johnny Still
  • EDITOR: Stuart Hutcheson



Maxresdefault4 Gorillaz rock the house Gorillaz rock 07
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  • Damon and Jamie have said the theme of the video and Del's outfit were inspired by the 1969 French film 'Mr. FreedomW'. While the futuristic game in the video is based on an idea in the 1975 film 'RollerballW'.[2]


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