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Roses Gabor

Rosie Wilson

Rosie Wilson aka Roses Gabor is an English singer and songwriter based in London.

Role in Gorillaz[]

Wilson's involvement with Gorillaz began with her being featured to sing Noodle's part from Demon Days track DARE with along with Shaun Ryder. She was chosen to take part after Miho Hatori and Tina Weymouth were both unable to to reprise their role as Noodle, from Gorillaz' 2001 self-titled album.

Rosie had also made many live appearances at Gorillaz concerts alongside Shaun Ryder. She provided vocals to the song DARE and was a backup singer during their performance at the Manchester Opera House in 2005 and the last five shows at the Harlem Apollo in New York. Then Rosie toured with Gorillaz again on their Escape to Plastic Beach World Tour.

Roses Gabor later provided additional vocals on the single Andromeda from Gorillaz' 2017 album Humanz, as well as on the Andromeda (D.R.A.M. Special). She has since toured with Gorillaz on Humanz Tour and The Now Now Tour.

Musical career[]

Gabor wasn't a well known artist at the time DARE was released. She published her first single Stars on November 12, 2012 and her first studio album, Fantasy & Facts, seven years later, on February 22, 2019.