Rosie Wilson

Rosie Wilson (aka Roses Gabor) is a singer working from London.

Involvement with Gorillaz

Rosie Gabor's involvement with Gorillaz began with her being featured to sing for Noodle's part in the song "DARE" on their Demon Days album with Shaun Ryder. She was chosen to take part after Tina Weymouth was unable to to reprise her role as Noodle's voice, which she did vocals for on 2001's Gorillaz.

Rosie had also made many live appearances at Gorillaz concerts alongside Shaun Ryder. She provided vocals to the song "DARE" during their performance at the Manchester Opera House in 2005 and the last five shows at the Harlem Apollo in New York.

In 2010, Rosie toured with Gorillaz again on their Escape to Plastic Beach World Tour.


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