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Gorillaz - Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)

Saturnz Barz(Spirit House)

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Saturnz Barz is the 4th Gorillaz song in the album Humanz.

Plot Synopsis

The band members drive to their new house while Ascension plays on the radio. As Murdoc rings the doorbell, a thunderstorm starts. When they enter, 2-D goes to the kitchen, Noodle goes to the basement, Russel Hobbs goes to sleep and Murdoc takes a bath. Noodle finds a record and plays it, starting Popcaan's rapping. A snake-like creature with an arm sticking out of it's eyesocket grabs Russel and constricts him. A cycloptic, blue worm wraps around Noodle. 2-D, in the kitchen gets food stuffed down his throat by a flying pizza slice. Murdoc sinks into the tub and starts to fly through space. 2-D then begins to sing the chorus. Then, the whole band sings the verse "And I won't get a take in, 'Cause I'm out when I'm stakin', And the rings I am breaking, Are making you a personal day". At the end of the video, they walk back to the car and talk about breakfast, while on the other hand, 2-D just wants a peppermint tea.

Popcaan Monsters

Popcaan, a Jamaican Reggae rapper, for the video takes the form of three monsters that torment the band members. He takes form of a pizza slice, a worm and a snake-monster.


  • 2-D is wearing the same shirt (or at least a shirt that's really similar to it) that is seen on the DoYaThing cover.
  • Noodle is the only member who didn’t speak throughout the video.
  • During the beginning of the video a disturbing face can be seen in the broken window of a house's basement, as well as a trash can moving.
  • Peppermint tea can be used for problems with digestion, something that 2-D may have had due to being stuffed with food.
  • In the storyboard of Saturnz Barz a few differences can be seen; it was already raining, the song title would appear in the upper right corner with bright red during the wide shot, 2-D was wearing a denim jacket, Russel was wearing a baseball cap instead of a beanie, Noodle had a different hairstyle and the band looked surprised when the door opened by itself.
  • On the music video, Murdoc's penis is pixeled. But, in the visual used on the concert at Printworks, it is showed uncensored.