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Silver Lake Mansion 01

The Silver Lake Mansion is the current HQ of Gorillaz, located in Los Angeles, California.


In May of 2021 a "demonic sinkhole" opened beneath the West London Kong Studios, so while the London Sewage Department started restoring the studio, the band went on a road trip in Murdoc's Winnebago. They eventually moved into the mansion in Silver Lake in early 2022.

In July 2022, the band announced that they had begun recording their next album. At that time Murdoc founded The Last Cult. 2-D started recording his daily life in Silver Lake, which he eventually turned into the Stuart Potcast.


Recording Studio[]

The recording studio of the mansion has been used to record Gorillaz's eighth studio album Cracker Island. In episode 16 of the Stuart Potcast a recording session for the track New Gold can be heard.[1]

2-D's Room[]

2-D's room is a small bedroom located on a high turret. It has only a sleeping bag and a candle. It appeared in episode 3 of the Stuart Potcast.[2]


The kitchen appeared in episodes 25 and 27 of the Stuart Potcast, where 2-D looked through the fridge and tried to make an omelette without breaking eggs.[3][4]


In episode 30 of the Stuart Potcast 2-D found the wardrobe, thinking it was a secret room.[5]


The mansion has a large garden in which 2-D dug holes and painted the giant obelisk in bright pink. It appears in the Stuart Potcast episodes 2, 14, 17, and 22.[6][7][8][9]



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