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Gorillaz presents… Skinny Ape (Immersive Live Performance in Times Square)

The Immersive Live Performance of Skinny Ape at the Times Square and Piccadilly Circus was a series of special live shows that used the Gorillaz Presents app to show the 3D models of the characters in AR.


The performance was directed by Jamie Hewlett and Fx Goby, and created by Nexus Studios in collaboration with AR Core Geospatial API and Google.


  • Directed by Jamie Hewlett & Fx Goby
  • Created by Nexus Studios, in collaboration with Google, Eleven Management & Parlophone Records
  • Production Company: Nexus Studios
  • Director: Fx Goby
  • Head of Immersive: Pablo Colapinto
  • Executive Creative Director: Alex Jenkins
  • Executive Producers: Charlotte Bavasso & Chris O'Reilly, Sarah Arruda Immersive
  • Producer: Kim Nicholls
  • Promo Assets/Music Video Producer: Teo Smolander
  • Director Of Photography: Jeff Holman
  • Technical Director: David Crawford
  • Technical Lead: Matt Parker
  • Developer: Eugen Axenoi
  • Tech Artists: Alex Lovett, Victor Vdovenco, Thomas Pasieka, Stefan Goodchild
  • Animation Programming: Shrey Malhotra
  • QA Lead: Mihaela Stanciu
  • QA Testers: Brian Chung, Chris Lawrence, Annan Sang
  • Technical Consultant: Koki Ibukuro, Matt Murton
  • UX/UI Designer: Xyn Xu
  • Animation Producers: Belinda Isaacs, Jo Bierton
  • Animation Production Manager: Edith Chappey
  • Animation Production Coordinator: Tyler Antin
  • CG Lead: Nico Domerego
  • Promo Assets CG Lead: Jeff Newton
  • Storyboard Artist: Graeme Howard
  • Concept Designer: Callum Strachan
  • Generalists: Eder de Souza, Lucas de Miguel
  • Promo Assets Generalist: Fabien Glasse
  • Modeller: Andrew Hickinbottom
  • Lead Rigger: Niko Rossi
  • Rigger: Nayla Nassar
  • Lead Animator: Alex Toufaili
  • Animators: Shadid Omar, Clément Fassler, Tom Lowe, Rimelle Khayat
  • FX Animator: Bethany Levy
  • Compositors: Lisa Mandelli, Bethany Levy
  • Videographer: Jelani Paul
  • Editing: Dave Slade, Zaki Fulford, Andrea Zantiras
  • PR & Marketing: Valentina Tarelli, Nancy Edmondson, Steph Anjo
  • Resource Manager: Gigi Kohut
  • Resource Coordinator: Meg Dupont
  • Runner: Emmet Ward
  • Spatial Audio Sound Designer: JM Finch

Special thanks to

  • Parlophone Records UK
  • Warner Music USA
  • Sony ATV/Publishing UK
  • OUTFRONT and Ocean Media
  • RMP/Good Machine - Bridin Murphy Mitchell & Chris Cuff
  • Nasty Little Man - Steve Martin & Michele Hug