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Gorillaz - Sleeping Powder

The official music video for the Gorillaz song Sleeping Powder, a non-album single. It was released on 8 June 2017 along with the single itself.


The video depicts 2-D playing a harpsichord as reality melts around him; leaving him sitting alone as the harpsichord he was playing disappears as well. The video both starts and ends with 2-D sat at a harpsichord, playing the same melody each time.[1]


  • Official Gorillaz YouTube channel.




SleepingPowder harpsichord SleepingPowder By2D SleepingPowder gif
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'80s Anti-Drug Commercial - Your Brain On Drugs

"This Is Your Brain On Drugs..."

  • The footage used in the beginning of the video is from the 1980s anti-drug commercial entitled, Your Brain On Drugs, produced by the Drug Free America Foundation. The fifty second advertisement is one of the most famous anti-drug commercials in history.
  • The audio from this short scene on the video was featured on the fan-made Phase Four B-sides compilation album Hologramz as an interlude right before Sleeping Powder, with the name "Interlude: Drugs".
  • Damon Albarn confirmed in a Polish News website that 2-D in the music video is Damon himself wearing a motion capture suit.[2]
  • Trellick Tower, the birthplace of Gorillaz, is shown in the video.