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Song Machine Live is a series of live performances of Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez tracks streamed online in real time on LIVENow.

LIVENow Description

Nothing is going to stop Gorillaz from performing Song Machine Live for you in 2020! A global live stream, with 3 performances across 3 different time zones. Coming to you live and direct from London on December 12 & 13th.

Performance Dates

Date Region
12th December 2020, 8pm JST Asia & Australia & New Zealand
12th December 2020, 4pm PST North America & South America
13th December 2020, 7pm BST

UK / Europe & Africa


Guest collaborators and additional musicians




  • Song Machine Live is the first instance of Song Machine tracks being played live (excluding Aries, which was played live before on Jimmy Kimmel Live!)
  • Before every performance there was a Pre-show Party segment, hosted by Henrie and Scully. It included the hosts playing their favourite Gorillaz songs from each studio album and interviews with some of the members of Gorillaz' Live Band; Seye Adelekan, Femi Koleoso and Michelle Ndegwa.
  • Song Machine Live will be shown in cinemas worldwide for one day only on Wednesday December 8th, 2021.

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