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Spacemonkeyz are a virtual musical group consisting of Darren Galea, Richie Stevens and Gavin Dodds. The virtual members are called D-Zire, Dubersive and Gavva.


The group came together when Galea created a dub remix of the single, Tomorrow Comes Today (Tomorrow Dub, which was released as a B-side on the Tomorrow Comes Today single), which Damon Albarn liked so much that he asked Galea to remix the whole album Gorillaz.

According to the band's autobiography Rise of the Ogre, The Space Monkeys broke into Kong Studios in 2002 while Gorillaz were on tour and stole the master tapes to their Gorillaz album, because 2-D accidentally forgot to lock the studio doors. Gorillaz discovered this while signing autographs backstage at the Isle of MTV Festival in Portugal. Murdoc was handed a record to sign by a fan which he didn't recognize. It was "Laika Come Home" by Spacemonkeyz. Despite what the Spacemonkeyz did, Gorillaz praised the album.

The resulting album, Laika Come Home, was released in July 2002. The album's first and only single "Lil' Dub Chefin'" reached #73 on the UK Singles Chart.

Richie Stevens, a member of the Spacemonkeyz, has announced in 2017 that the Spacemonkeyz are returning soon.



  • 2002: Spacemonkeyz vs Gorillaz – Laika Come Home


  • 2002: Spacemonkeyz vs Gorillaz – "Lil' Dub Chefin'"
  • 2002: Herbert Grönemeyer – "Mensch" (Spacemonkeyz Remix)