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Spirit house

The Spirit House is a haunted house located in Detroit, Michigan owned by Gorillaz. They first move there in March of 2017 as seen in the Saturnz Barz music video. The band wanted to "throw the party to end all parties” in the Spirit House. They lived there for the entirety of Phase 4 and seemingly moved out around the time that Murdoc got arrested.


The Spirit House was once owned by a person named Norbert P. Rockerfeller. He dabbled in the occult stock market, eventually placing his soul down for collateral, leading to him being dragged down to Hell for not reading the fine print. Sometime after that Murdoc found the house, acquired it and wanted to throw the party to end all parties there.



The Lounge is the main room in the Spirit House. It has a couch in the middle of the room, a coffee table with numerous magazines, lots of pictures and posters on the walls, an elevator entry and a small kitchen. It leads to the band member's individual rooms and the garage.


The Kitchen is located on the ground floor of the Spirit House. It's very dirty and dark, with the refrigerator being the only working appliance in the room. 2-D tries to eat the cake from the fridge in the Saturnz Barz music video but gets ambushed by the Popcaan Pizza Monster.


The Bathroom is located on the first floor of the Spirit House. In the music video for Saturnz Barz Murdoc finds it and decides to take a bath. He sinks into the tub and starts to fly through space with his bandmates in a sort of psychedelic vision.


Spirit House's Basement is a small room that Noodle visits in the Saturnz Barz music video. There's a large collection of music records there as well as a gramophone and a lot of other miscellaneous objects. After playing one of the records from the basement Noodle got captured by the Popcaan Worm Monster.

Attic Bedroom[]

The Attic Bedroom is a small room at the top of the Spirit House. Russel went there to take a nap when the band first visited the house and got attacked by the Snake-like Popcaan Monster.


The Garage is a massive room located presumably under the Spirit House. The Geep and the Red Car are located there, as well as the M. Harriet, 2D's bumper car, the Winnebago missing poster and Noodle's Oni mask. It was added to the Gorillaz Mixed Reality App on June 19, 2017.

2-D's Room[]

2-D's room is one of the rooms in Spirit House accessible through the Gorillaz App. It's a bedroom with one window, a desk, a bed and many posters, pictures and random scribbles on the walls. Many pages with notes and the track Sleeping Powder could be found at 2-D's desk.

Noodle's Room[]

Noodle's room is one of the rooms in Spirit House accessible through the Gorillaz App. It's a Japanese-style bedroom with a large window and many posters and pictures on the walls.

Russel's Room[]

Russel's room is one of the rooms in Spirit House accessible through the Gorillaz App. It's a small bedroom with a large window with curtains, a clothes rack, a large bed in the middle of the room and a calendar hanging above it on a wall.

Murdoc's Room[]

Murdoc's room is one of the rooms in Spirit House accessible through the Gorillaz App. It's a messy bedroom with three windows, a large bed in the corner of the room and a large piano.

Unique Characteristics[]

Popcaan Monsters[]

The Spirit House is haunted by three monster beings, the Worm Monster, the Snake-like Monster and the Pizza Monster. They're seen tormenting the Gorillaz in the Saturnz Barz music video. They're all portrayed by Jamaican reggae rapper Popcaan.

The Bath[]

In the Saturnz Barz music video, Murdoc goes into the bath in the Spirit House's bathroom. Then he starts flying through space and seeing various chaotic events and sequences involving the other band members and the Popcaan Monsters. It's unknown what exactly occurred at that time.

Real-Life Floor Plan[]

The floor plan for the actual 226 Hendrie Street, Detroit property



Gorillaz - Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)

Saturnz Barz Music Video


Gorillaz - Saturnz Barz (Spirit House) 360

Saturnz Barz Music Video 360


Gorillaz App (Trailer)-2

Gorillaz Mixed Reality App Trailer


Gorillaz just got a new extension to their house...

Gorillaz Mixed Reality App Garage Update Teaser


226 Hendrie Street, Detroit, MI - 20221021774

Virtual tour of the real-life Spirit House.



Spirit house back

Backside of the Spirit House.

  • The Spirit house could be explored in 360° in Saturnz Barz 360° Music Video and in the Gorillaz Mixed Reality App. Available rooms were the main lounge, 2-Ds Room, Noodle's Room, Russel's Room, Murdoc's Room and the garage.
  • Even though the band lived in Spirit House during Phase 4 they recorded the album Humanz in Studio 13 located in west London.
  • On March 27, 2021, the Spirit House was put up for sale for a starting price of $400,000 USD. As of July 27, 2022, the Spirit House costs $499,500 USD following renovations. [1]
  • The backside of the property originally had a wooden exterior stairway/fire escape connecting to the second floor and a roof that covered the backdoor; both of which were removed/destroyed at some point.


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