Squire For Hire is an album by New Zealand born singer-song writer Nathan Haines.


2-D appears on a track from Nathan Haines's 2003 album 'Squire For Hire'. Nathan Haines is a relatively-unknown New Zealand singer-songwriter.

The song 'FM' is a cover of a song by 70's Jazz rock band Steeley Dan, and 2-D takes lead vocals on the track. It is not obvious why Damon decided to credit this work to 2-D (he did not do this with a lot of post-Gorillaz collaborations, for example his work with Tony Allen and Marianne Faithful), but it is possible that it is because of the fragile falsetto vocal style he employs on the track which sounds like that used on certain Gorillaz tracks. There was also a single release featuring FM as the lead track, on 7 inch vinyl only.

Release dates and chart positions

UK: 08/09/03 - highest chart position: unknown