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Stars Redmond, Gorillaz' social media manager.

Stars Redmond is a British music manager and marketer who is currently the head digital marketing manager at Eleven Management and previously worked for EMI and Island Records. She has been a part of Eleven MGMT since 2016. She is the founder of the company ‘Sweet!’ and has also previously managed for AlunaGeorgeW.[1]

Role in Gorillaz[]

Stars Redmond is Gorillaz’ head digital marketing manager and has been so since the band’s return in 2016.

With Gorillaz being inactive for seven years at the time the band's Instagram was set up, there had been drastic changes in technology and social media. Gorillaz had 17 years worth of rich history and background that had not yet been fully retrospected in an in depth, chronological fashion. She noticed this and brought it to Gorillaz’ Instagram page, which became a massive success gaining 1.2 million followers in just 12 months and still gaining a large amount of followers to this day.[2]

Stars Redmond is also the creator of Gorillaz’ Spirit House app for iOS and Android devices.[3] In 2017, Gorillaz’ Spirit House app won a Gold Lion award at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.[4] It is the world’s first app to be used for a global listening party of an album.[5] Stars is also one of the people involved in the production of Gorillaz first magazine, G Magazine[6] and Gorillaz Almanac.

She provided assistance with additional promotional artwork for The Now Now and Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez, alongside assistance designing the Cracker Island packaging.


In March 2021, Redmond faced backlash on Twitter from fans after she responded with mockery towards a fan after they voiced concerns over Gorillaz’ decision to utilize NFTs for their 20th anniversary due to its negative impact on the environment. In a now deleted tweet, Redmond responded with a mocking GIF labelled “So… Bored…” towards the said fan.[7] Shortly after, Gorillaz co-founder Jamie Hewlett later made a report denying that the band would be releasing any NFTs.

In July 2022, Redmond faced controversy again when the Cracker Island frame was launched on the Gorillaz website and Twitter user DAREELPHILLY191 exposed her past tweets targeting musicians, some of whom were black, and using derogatory language towards Black people. Shortly afterwards, Redmond deleted her tweet as well as her Twitter account and privated her Instagram.[8][9][10]

On the 31st of October 2022, the Twitter page gorillaz_worst revealed a now-deleted tweet from Stars from 2012 stating "Managing a band who make music of black origin can be so stressful sometimes, haaa. Big up @stmartinsLDN [a London hotel service] for making it a smoother ride". It is currently unknown which band she was working for at the time.[11]

On the 17th of May 2024, Stars Redmond spoke at The Great Escape Festival with the rest of the Amuse team, a festival whose sponsor, Barkley's, notoriously supports Zionist views. Despite more than 100 acts quitting the Great Escape festival as part of a boycott, she still attended the festival.[12][13]

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