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Starshine (Phi Life Cypher Version) (also known as Starshine ft Gorillaz) is the original and "un-mastered, un-mixed, unreleased" version of Starshine that was uploaded to the official Phi-Life Cypher SoundCloud on March 3, 2011,[1] featuring guest vocals by Si Phili and Life MC from the same group. According to them, the track dates back to early 2001 recording sessions.[2]


Yeah yeah
One time
Two time
We don't stop
We don't quit
No bluff

You know we shine like the stars in the heavens above
Night and day it's Gorillaz who'll be showing you love
When they read into the track from the dub [...] rap
When it comes to the Gorillaz we got stars in stacks
From the mental to the physical, we're tough and very lyrical
We shine, like the sun performing many miracles
Starshine, this is our time
We combine the design music that be standing on the frontline
The roughneck showing up our respect
Living direct, we connect with a positive intellect
Starshining, Gorillaz be designing
The maddest and baddest with the music that's masterminded
Dazzling and rhyming with the music that's be defining
Gorillaz Starshine is so bright it's like you be blinded
Shining, me and the rest of Gorillaz stars
Our longs be lastin' past the existency of the last star
Strummin' guitars and flippin' lyrics bizarre
Gorillaz hotter than lava in the centre of the hottest star
The starshine, with the hard rhyme
Magical rhymes that's intertwined with the lines on the hard times

Starshine, never gonna find me
Starshine, when you gonna find me
Starshine, never gonna find me?
Starshine, never gonna find me

Supernaturally we travel to intergalactic galaxies
Lighting up the universe
With verses of reality
From Jupiter to Neptune
We flex with the next tunes
Soon back to earth in a rocket, we won't forget you
We're entertaining your brains, we're keeping it real
Our lyrical skills, our spiritual vibe is what you feel
One time, two times, three times
So we shine
Flipping lyrics from our powerful minds
Intertwined with your sanity
We teachin' you reality
I'm rapping rapidly
Linking with people telepathically
My starshine, it's too bright for the blind
Music that's like the best ever treasure that you could find
When I rhyme, it's like you just stick to the gold mine
With music we're allowed to [...]
This [...] your spine
'Cuz we rhyme, my lyrics is hypnotising his mind
'Cuz we shine brighter than stars
Gorilla rap running the track with no rehearsal
Ruling the universe with this universal dispersal
We disperse the rap through informative formats
[...] viciously like African rich-backs
They get back on the track and react like a bush-fire
Gorilla rap tracks are made with a burning desire
We strike back
Like the empire
'Cuz lyrically
It's the gorilla dynasty so in the home of life's mysteries
We goin' down in history like dinosaur fossils
The rap [...]
[...] colossal
Musically generated and viscerally animated
Gorillaz rule from when the planet was first created
Gorilla rhymes, it's Gorillaz time
Until the next time
We'll just continue to shine
Gorilla rhymes, it's Gorillaz time
Until the next time
We'll just continually shine (shine)
(Yeah yeah)
(One time, one time)
(Yeah yeah, yeah yeah)
(Gorilla time)
(One time)
(Gorilla rhyme)
(Check it out from the mind)

Starshine, never gonna find me
Starshine, they ain't gonna find me
Starshine, never gonna find me?
Starshine, never gonna find me



Gorillaz - Starshine (Phi Life Cypher version) -highest quality-


  • This track is one of the four Gorillaz songs to contain a reference to Star Wars, alongside "The Sounder" and "Clint Eastwood" (Both PLC's and the Demon Detour Session Versions). With the exception of the Phase 2 Version, all of them have their rap done by Life and Si Phili.
  • Despite the rap verses being removed in production of the final song, they were later adapted into "The Sounder" and "Rock The House" (Phi Life Cypher Version)'s lyrics, also made in collaboration with PLC, explaining some of the huge similarities between the three songs.


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