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The Stuart Potcast

Gorillaz presents: The Stuart Potcast is a podcast series made by 2-D released from July 2022 to January 2023. Each episode is a short recording made by 2-D in Silver Lake.

Official Description[]

2D from Gorillaz – aka Stuart Pot – has been given a Dictaphone to record his day-to-day adventures in Silver Lake. He calls it a podcast, but that’s a bit of stretch... Introducing the Stuart PotCast.


Episode Description Length Release Date
Episode 1 'Alright, the manager said I should turn my recordings into one of them podcasts'… 00:16 05/07/2022
Episode 2 'Murdoc? .. Murdoc?... Can someone chuck down a rope? Hello?' 00:39 05/07/2022
Episode 3 'Today I am talking from my bedroom, which is up a well high turret'… 00:22 05/07/2022
Episode 4 'Alright guys, long story, but basically I’m stuck in a suit of armour'… 00:28 05/07/2022
Episode 5 '2D here from the Stuart PotCast. It’s another lovely day in America'... 00:28 12/07/2022
Episode 6 'Nice one, that’ll be my pizza. Oh. You’re not the pizza man'… 00:22 12/07/2022
Episode 7 'Dear nan. Just thought I’d write you a postcard. Cheers. Stuart. P.S. What is your address?...' 00:22 12/07/2022
Episode 8 'Day 1 of 365. Begin experiment to see what happens if I only eat toast for a whole year'… 00:22 12/07/2022
Episode 9 'Alright guys, just seen Murdoc float up in the air, bit weird cos he never told me he could fly'… 00:13 20/07/2022
Episode 10 That’ll be 3 dollars 94, sir. 00:12 20/07/2022
Episode 11 'Hello guys. I’m going for the world record for most clothes pegs clipped to a face'… 00:20 20/07/2022
Episode 12 'Alright guys, time for my thought for the day'… 00:22 20/07/2022
Episode 13 'Wotcha guys, just wanted to clear something up'… 00:14 02/08/2022
Episode 14 'Just having a look at Murdoc’s new thing here in the garden'… 00:16 02/08/2022
Episode 15 'Hiya, yeah so my thought for the day is about Murdoc who reckons he’s finally found The One'… 00:26 02/08/2022
Episode 16 "Ello guys, that tune you can hear is something we're working on right now in the studio..." 00:20 19/08/2022
Episode 17 Alright guys. I'm just up Murdoc's obelix pole, giving it a paint... 00:21 11/10/2022
Episode 18 "Having a crack at another world record today. This time I'm going for the world's longest fingernails..." 00:17 11/10/2022
Episode 19 "Just been having a chinwag with the neighbours...." 00:13 11/10/2022
Episode 20 "Today's thoughts for the day is – which one of Bigfoot!s feet is the big one? 00:14 11/10/2022
Episode 21 "Russel told me not to bother him while he's watching his telly..." 00:15 18/10/2022
Episode 22 "Hello! I am stuck down another big hole in the garden..." 00:23 18/10/2022
Episode 23 "The lady next door is called Moon Flower..." 00:11 18/10/2022
Episode 24 "Hi guys, gotta be quiet today cos I'm in the library. Noodle has written me a list of really old books to find..." 00:25 18/10/2022
Episode 25 "Having a poke about in the fridge. Hang about, someone's written on my cheese..." 00:23 25/10/2022
Episode 26 "Moon Flower says I’ve got a nice aura. She's much kinder than Murdoc..." 00:15 25/10/2022
Episode 27 "Welcome to another episode of the Stuart PotCast. Today I am trying to make an omelette without breaking eggs..." 00:18 01/11/2022
Episode 28 "Hi guys, this morning I am at the shops getting stuff to go in Murdoc's holy bath..." 00:24 01/11/2022
Episode 29 "Hi guys, today we are gonna catch up with Russ for an interview..." 00:20 08/11/2022
Episode 30 "Alright guys! I'm exploring the mansion and I’ve found a secret door! Gonna open it live on my potcast and tell you where it goes..." 00:29 08/11/2022
Episode 31 "Hi guys, today I'm painting Murdoc's portrait..." 00:14 08/11/2022
Episode 32 "Welcome back to my experiment when I see what happens when I only eat toast for a year..." 00:19 19/12/2022
Episode 33 "Hi guys, I’ve glued my shoes to the ceiling and I'm standing upside down so that all the thoughts will drain out of my noggin." 00:23 19/12/2022
Episode 34 "Hello guys, today I'm with Noodle..." 00:14 19/12/2022
Episode 35 "Wotcha. I'm out digging another hole. Murdoc says the New Me is at the bottom..." 00:23 19/12/2022
Episode 36 "The lady next door just gave me a well nice gift, it’s a picture of a creepy eyeball, she said to put it over my bed so it can watch me sleep." 00:14 19/12/2022
Episode 37 "Good morning America. Although it might not be morning where you are, so good afternoon, evening and night. And day. And Merry Christmas…" 00:17 6/01/2023
Episode 38 "'Allo guys, I'm at the swimming pool about to do one of them miracles to move up the cult…" 00:17 6/01/2023
Episode 39 "Bit worried about Russ, he's been awake now for 12 days straight just staring at that fuzzy telly…" 00:20 6/01/2023
Episode 40 "Moon Flower reckons Murdoc is a false prophet or something…" 00:16 6/01/2023
Episode 41 "Murdoc says I am a non-believer an now I won't go to the promised land…" 00:18 6/01/2023
Episode 42 "Just been over to the Forever Club next door for a peppermint tea…" 00:19 6/01/2023
Episode 43 "This tea is well nice. My legs have gone melty like they're made of cheese…" 00:26 26/01/2023



  • The name of the podcast is a reference to 2-D's real name, Stuart Pot.
  • A short snippet of New Gold was first revealed on Episode 16 of the Stuart Potcast.