Stylo Car art

Murdoc and 2-D shown inside the front seats of Stylo.

The Stylo is a car (that can transform into a shark-like submarine) that appears in the videos for "Stylo", "On Melancholy Hill", and "DoYaThing", as well as "Sounds Like Gorillaz" (which is an advert for Pandora Premium). Its owner is probably Murdoc Niccals.


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A cutaway showing the interior of the Stylo in submarine mode.

  • Car: The Stylo as a car is a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro (first generation). The car is painted black, with a white roof. It has several scrapes along its left side (in driver's point of view). There is a white five-point star, painted on each door. Its left door, also, has got about eight gunshot holes. It can reach very high velocities, making it more likely that it was made by Murdoc.
  • Submarine: The Stylo submarine was built as a black shark, measured about ten or eleven meters. Its "eyes" are bright red, and it has got two headlights attached to its lower jaw. It has a periscope. Inside the submarine, there are two different places: the control room and a cargo cellar. There is also one single escape hatch, on the roof of cargo cellar. The "jaws" of the shark are completely open, and inside this mouth there is a window pane. It also has got the two white stars on each side of the submarine.


1024px-Jakob klug gorillaz stylo 69 camaro

The 1969 Chevrolet used in the music video.

  • The 1969 Chevrolet Camaro used in the video is currently in the possession of Denmark resident, Jakob Klug.
    • The absence of the external engine may imply that it was either removed by Jakob or it may have been a fitted prop that was added for the music video.
  • The Stylo car had got its gunshot holes on the door and the bullet wound on the window pane before the chase with Bruce Willis. Where all these gunshot holes came from as well as the reason why Bruce Willis tries to hunt and kill them is unknown.
  • The car is seen in DoYaThing "parked" (more like crashed) outside the band's residence.
  • Stylo is the French word for inkpen.
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