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Four scenes from Superfast Jellyfish.png

The Music video of "Superfast Jellyfish".

The official music video for "Superfast Jellyfish" was uploaded to YouTube by Jamie Hewlett on the 8th of March 2010.


The music video opens with a black and white scene depicting a disheveled man crawling out of bed. The man then realized that it was time for breakfast and pulls out a box of Superfast Jellyfish before stuffing it into the microwave. After several seconds of waiting, a technicolor animated jellyfish pops out of the box to greet the man who was anxiously waiting for breakfast. The jellyfish then floats out of the microwave and engages in an elaborate psychedelic dance sequence with the man; accompanied by an entire school of jellyfish. The video ends with a black and white closeup on the man devouring the colorful jellyfish and slurping it's tentacles into his mouth.