Please add at least one image using the parameter "image1" when using this template.
The full image gallery for Gallery may be viewed at Gallery/Gallery.

This template provides a link to a separate gallery subpage, along with 1 to 3 pictures. It is for use instead of a "Gallery" section on pages that have had their galleries split off onto a subpage because they were growing too large and cumbersome.

Usage: {{Gallery|image1=|image2=|image3=}}

  • image1, image2 and image3 are the names of the three pictures, without "Image:" or "File" in front of it. Please use between one and three images when placing this template. Choose high quality images that are representative of the gallery contents.
  • width1, width2 and width3 determine the pixel widths of each picture. By default, images are scaled to 200 pixels horizontally. This is fine for horizontally-aligned pictures, but upright pictures may be too large. In that case, you can set their widths with these parameters. Make sure that the total widths of all three pictures does not exceed about 600 pixels.
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