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The Apex Tapes is a promotional interview CD by Gorillaz from Phase One released on March of 2001, featuring 73 Interview questions answered by the band.


It is a relatively common promotional device in the record industry today to circulate interview CDs as promotional tools for a forthcoming release. Usually these do not have the interview questions on them, as it is assumed that if radio or television wants to broadcast parts of the interview they will either pose the question themselves (then play the track), or cut in the recorded interview answer after making a general comment. For example they might say that the artist is now happier recording music with a harder sound, then play an interview section where the artist says 'Yeah I'm really easier working with heavier stuff now.' etc. What made the interview CD all the more important with Gorillaz was the fact that, with characters not being real people, it was hard to interview them properly unlike with most artists at the time.

The CD's sleeve states:

The following cuts are taken from an interview recorded in London in February 2001. Don't ask us how we managed to get them all in the same room at the same time... but we did and the results are fascinating! Questions, Ins and Outs and durations are given in each case.

Release dates and chart positions[]

This was never commercially released. It circulated in the UK for promotional purposes in March 2001.


  • On the cover of the CD, 2-D spraypainted the word "Rockerz".
  • Despite having certain difficulties in some interview sessions, the band did do some live radio interviews during their early days, some of which were featured in Murdoc's original Winnebago on the Kong Studios website.
  • Interestingly, on the CD, the band members advertise the song "5/4” as 'their new single’, which is due to the fact that it was planned to be the second single from the band's debut album, with an entire storyboard for it having been made, but was pushed back and later cancelled in favour of "19/2000" and "Rock the House" for various reasons.