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The Gorillaz Art Book Podcast

The Gorillaz Art Book Podcast

The Gorillaz Art Book Podcast is a podcast series hosted by Kate Bryan released in June of 2022. Each episode is an interview with one of the collaborators from The Gorillaz Art Book.

Official Description[]

The Gorillaz Art Book Podcast hosted by Art curator Kate Bryan celebrates the new Gorillaz Art Book, going behind the scenes with some of the artists featured. As well as never before seen work by Gorillaz co-founder Jamie Hewlett, the book brings together a global lineup of artists who have all created their own interpretations of the iconic Gorillaz band members. She’ll be talking to a few of the artists that have contributed work to this illustrious new book, as well as a rare in-depth interview with Hewlett himself.



Episode Guest Length Release Date
0. - 00:32 15/06/2022
1. Holly Warburton 16:57 17/06/2022
2. Ruff Mercy 21:20 17/06/2022
3. Jared Cody Wolf 20:28 17/06/2022
4. Vanesa R. Del Rey 18:58 17/06/2022
5. Jamie Hewlett 31:24 17/06/2022


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