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The Humanz Choir is a Gorillaz choir created in 2016 to provide background vocals for the album Humanz.

Studio Choir[]

The Humanz Choir Studio 1

Starr Busby, Imani Vonshà, Melanie J-B Charles and Janelle Kroll.

The Humanz Choir Studio 2

Giovanni James, Marcus Anthony Johnson and Brandon Markell Holmes.

The studio lineup of the Humanz Choir provided backing vocals on the tracks Ascension, Strobelite, Saturnz Barz, Momentz, Submission, Let Me Out, Hallelujah Money, Halfway To The Halfway House, Out Of Body, and Circle Of Friendz.

Some of their recording sessions can be seen in the first act of the 2019 Gorillaz documentary Reject False Icons.


Live Choir[]

The Humanz Choir Live

Angel Williams-Silvera, Michelle Ndegwa, Petra Luke, Rebecca Freckleton, Matthew Allen and Adeleye Omotayo.

The Humanz Choir Live was created later than the studio lineup, with the intention of preforming additional vocals live during the Humanz Tour. The live choir later performed on The Now Now Tour, Song Machine Live, Song Machine Tour and Gorillaz World Tour 2022.

Some members of the choir sometimes take on the main vocals on some of the songs performed live, those being DARE, Out of Body, Kids With Guns, Sorcererz and Silent Running.


  • Adeleye Omotayo - (2017 - present)
  • Angel Williams-Silvera - (2017 - present)
  • Marcus Anthony Johnson - (2017 - 2018)
  • Matthew Allen - (2017 - 2020)
  • Matt Maijah - (2021 - present)
  • Michelle Ndegwa - (2017 - present)
  • Petra Luke - (2017 - present)
  • Rebecca Freckleton - (2017 - present)