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Gorillaz - The Lost Chord ft. Leee John (Episode Nine)

The official music video for the Gorillaz song The Lost Chord, 3rd track of the album Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez and final music video of Phase 6. It was released on 24 December 2020 and was produced and animated by animation studio The Line.


Following the events of The Valley of the Pagans, the band arrives on Plastic Beach and are lying exhausted on the shore. Murdoc takes off a Boogieman gas mask, and we see that Russel has returned to his gigantic size. Noodle comes out from inside of Russel's mouth before he reverts to his normal size. 2-D vomits up a whale and we see The Pink Phantom fly off into the sky. The band sees multiple memorabilia from their time at Plastic Beach, including Daley's skeleton on the shore, the crashed planes and ships of the Black Clouds, Noodle's broken Oni mask, and Cyborg Noodle inside of a submarine. Just as the band was overwhelmed with memories of the island, a giant sea monster (Leee John) rises up from the ocean floor wrapped in chains and begins to destroy the island with his laser eyes. The band heads to the lighthouse to take cover as the monster slices the island, sending the submarine with Cyborg Noodle inside sinking to the bottom of the ocean. The monster then uses his laser eyes again on the main building and destroys it, leaving it a smoldering ruin. The monster then returns back to the depth of the ocean, leaving the band floating on a lighthouse island. As the lighthouse slowly sinks, a portal opens and Russel, Noodle, & 2-D escape to safety. However, Murdoc doesn't make it and the portal closes, seemingly leaving him behind. But the portal reopens and 2-D grabs Murdoc and brings him though at the last minute.


Music Video[]

  • Official Gorillaz YouTube channel.


  • Official Gorillaz YouTube channel.


  • Director: Jamie Hewlett
  • Co-Directors: Tim McCourt, Max Taylor
  • Producer: Eva Dahlqvist
  • Production Managers: Samia Ahmed & Lisa A. Smith
  • Production Assistants: Laurence Moss & Skye van der Walt
  • 2D Animation Supervisor/Lead Animator: Venla Linna
  • 2D Animation: Amanda Holm, Alvise Zennaro, Diego Porral
  • 2D FX Animation: Mattieu Petit
  • Clean Up Artists: Laura Büchert Schjødt, Daniel Morales Ramirez, Maria Sandvig Nielsen, Alison Oxborrow, Diego Porral
  • Matte Paint: Antoine Birot
  • Compositing: Freddie Lewis-Wall, Bernardo Varela, Elliott Kajdan, Valerie Guichard
  • Grade: Lewis Crossfield at Time Based Arts
  • Live Action Producer: Natalie Steiner
  • Live Action Production Assistant: Alice Hayes
  • 1st AD Day 1: Tom Kelly
  • 1st AD Day 2: Luke Goodrich
  • Production Runner: Sinead Solomon, Joanna Thompson, Laurence Moss & Skye Van Der Walt
  • DOP: Max Halstead
  • Phantom Operator: Stephen Price
  • Focus Puller Day 1: Toby Goodyear
  • Focus Puller Day 2: Benjy Kirkman
  • Gaffer Day 1: Jim Agnew
  • Electrician Day 1: Richard Harrowing
  • Electrician Day 1: Charlie Manningwalker
  • Gaffer Day 2: Will Pope
  • Electrician Day 2: Jon Prentice
  • Electrician Day 2: Greg Probart
  • Rigger Day 1: Steve Daly
  • Rigger Day 2: Kristian Fletcher
  • Costume Designer: Catherine Ladd
  • Wardrobe Assistant: Liz Crossman
  • Lead SFX Make Up Artist: Natasha Lawes
  • SFX Make Up Artist: Bethan Adams Stringer
  • SFX Makeup Trainee: Jane Emily Arnold
  • VFX Supervisor: Bernie Varela
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Mats Rivenes & George Finnamore
  • Trainee Special Effects: Antonio Cardoso  
  • Catering Day 1: Aga Aga
  • Catering Day 2: Little Cooking Pot
  • Camera Kit: Love High Speed
  • Covid Supervisor: Karl Lawton
  • Additional Plastic Beach footage courtesy of Tristan Oliver and Passion Pictures.
  • Stock Footage: Footage used under license from Shutterstock.com and Pond5 (smithore, elliotdix, pashapixel, Milkare, Paolo_galasso / Pond5)
  • Visual Effects Stock Footage provided by FX Elements & Action VFX
  • Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management
  • Production Company: The Line



Thelostchord thumbnail The-Lost-Chord-home TheLostChord-musiconmymind
The full image gallery for The Lost Chord (Music Video) may be viewed at The Lost Chord (Music Video)/Gallery.


  • The music video was shown in KongScope, a parody in the style of CinemaScope.
    • The Gorillaz Productions Logo at the end of the video, was in a satire of the classic RKO Radio Pictures logo.
  • Due to its total destruction by the end of the video, this marks the final appearance of Plastic Beach.
  • There are many references from Plastic Beach/Phase 3 storyline in the music video.
    • The gas mask that Murdoc was wearing belonged to the Boogieman.
    • The one-eyed green octopus that was on top of Russel was from the On Melancholy Hill music video.
    • The whale that 2-D threw up was Massive Dick, the whale that terrorized him during his captivity in Plastic Beach.
    • Russel appears to be giant again, a reference to the Phase 3 storyline, where he ate some radioactive, contaminated fish which resulted in a massive increase in size.
    • Russel opening his mouth to reveal Noodle inside is a reference to the storyboard/cancelled music video, Rhinestone Eyes.
    • The skeleton on the beach with the glasses is implied to be Daley from the Doncamatic music video.
    • The corpse in the downed plane is implied to be the pirate jet that Noodle shot down from the M. Harriet.
    • The broken Oni Mask on the shore was the same mask that Noodle was wearing during Phase 3.
    • Cyborg Noodle was inside the brown submarine from the Doncamatic music video.
      • This marks the first time that Cyborg Noodle has been seen (canonically) since Phase 3.
    • Big Rick Black's Record Shack was shown on the island right before it was destroyed.
  • This marks the second time that an island is destroyed. The first one was the Flying Windmill Island when it was destroyed in El Mañana.
    • This is also the second time that Plastic Beach was attacked (the first being in the Rhinestone Eyes storyboard).
  • The events of The Valley of the Pagans and The Lost Chord in a way ended Phase 6 parallel to how Phase 3 began with Stylo and On Melancholy Hill ; the band driving the car into the ocean and arriving at Plastic Beach.