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The Singles Collection 2001–2011 is a compilation album by English virtual band Gorillaz released on 28 November 2011 in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the release of their self-titled debut album. The album is a collection of the group's various singles released between 2001 and 2011 (with some exceptions). It is available in four different editions: standard, deluxe, 12" vinyl and 7" single box set.

Background and Information[]

The Singles Collection was primarily assembled to financially recover from the various expenses incurred during Phase Three. This arose due to the relatively low sales of the band's third studio album, Plastic Beach, in comparison to their previous studio albums, as well as its subsequent release, The Fall, and the financial disaster that the Escape To Plastic Beach World Tour became. This compilation was comprised exclusively of commercially released singles from the band's first three studio albums, along with some notable remixes, with no new material whatsoever. The artwork for the compilation was designed and put together by Tim Watkins, a member of Zombie Flesh Eaters.

The announcement of the compilation was made on the 8th of October 2011, following a four-month-long radio silence from Murdoc. To promote the compilation, he hosted a new radio show throughout late 2011 titled We Are Ten, exclusively available on SpotifyW. During this period, he claimed to be on an undisclosed beach in Hawaii, having been caught up in a typhoon during his escape from Plastic Beach. In actuality, he was staying at a ransacked studio house at 212 Wobble Street, London, where the other three members eventually managed to reach him.

Upon its release, the compilation received a less-than-enthusiastic response from fans. Many considered it a "lazy attempt at a cash grab" due to the absence of any new material. Aside from the Doncamatic single and content specific to certain editions, there was little incentive for fans, particularly those who already owned the previous albums, to purchase the compilation. This lack of enthusiasm was reflected in the total album sales, which did not even surpass those of The Fall.

(Ahem) Listen, don’t look now but there’s a bloke outside that window pointing a Dragunov at my head and he’ll pull the trigger If I don’t keep talking about this compilation album. Just go Amazon a copy or something, alright?
~ Murdoc Niccals

Track Listing[]

Standard CD, 12" & Digital
No. Title Length
1. 'Tomorrow Comes Today' (with Miho Hatori) 3:13
2. 'Clint Eastwood (Album Version)' (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien) 5:41
3. '19-2000' (with Miho Hatori, feat. Tina Weymouth) 3:27
4. 'Rock The House' (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien) 4:08
5. 'Feel Good Inc. (Album Version)' (feat. De La Soul) 3:42
6. 'DARE (Radio Edit)' (feat. Shaun Ryder and Roses Gabor) 3:32
7. 'Dirty Harry (Single Edit)' (feat. Bootie Brown and San Fernandez Youth Chorus) 3:50
8. 'Kids With Guns' (feat. Neneh Cherry) 3:46
9. 'El Mañana'   3:50
10. 'Stylo (Radio Edit)' (feat. Bobby Womack and Mos Def) 3:52
11. 'Superfast Jellyfish (Single Version)' (feat. De La Soul and Gruff Rhys) 2:57
12. 'On Melancholy Hill (Radio Edit)' (feat. Daley) 3:28
13. 'Doncamatic'   3:20
14. 'Clint Eastwood (Ed Case Refix) (Edit)' (remix by Ed Case, feat. Sweetie Irie) 3:40
15. '19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)' (remix by Soulchild, with Miho Hatori, feat. Tina Weymouth) 3:28
Total length:

Bonus Tracks[]

Japanese Version
No. Title Length
16. 'Feel Good Inc. (Noodle's Demo)'   2:49
17. 'Stylo (Labrinth SNES Remix)' (remix by Labrinth, feat. Bobby Womack, Mos Def & Tinie Tempah) 4:11
Total length:


Limited Edition DVD
No. Title Length
1. 'Tomorrow Comes Today (Music Video)'   4:19
2. 'Clint Eastwood (Music Video)'    
3. '19-2000 (Music Video)'    
4. 'Rock The House (Music Video)'    
5. 'Feel Good Inc. (Music Video)'    
6. 'DARE (Music Video)'    
7. 'Dirty Harry (Music Video)'    
8. 'Kids With Guns (Live at the Manchester Opera House)'    
9. 'El Mañana (Music Video)'    
10. 'Stylo (Music Video)'    
11. 'Superfast Jellyfish (Live From The Roundhouse)'    
12. 'On Melancholy Hill (Music Video)'    
13. 'Doncamatic (Music Video)'    
14. '19-2000 (Soulchild Remix) (Music Video)'    
15. 'Charts Of Darkness (Documentary)'   24:00
16. 'Clint Eastwood (Live BRITs Performance)'   4:11
17. 'Dirty Harry (Live BRITs Performance)'   3:51
18. 'Bananaz (Trailer)'   1:30
19. 'Demon Days Live (Trailer)'   0:35
20. 'Phase One (Trailer)'   1:24
Total length:

7" Box Set[]

8 x Vinyl Singles
No. Title Length
1. 'Clint Eastwood (Album Version)' (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien) 5:41
2. 'Clint Eastwood (Ed Case Refix) (Edit)' (remix by Ed Case, feat. Sweetie Irie) 3:40
3. '19-2000' (with Miho Hatori, feat. Tina Weymouth) 3:27
4. '19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)' (remix by Soulchild, with Miho Hatori, feat. Tina Weymouth) 3:28
5. 'Tomorrow Comes Today' (with Miho Hatori) 3:13
6. 'Rock The House' (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien) 4:08
7. 'Feel Good Inc. (Album Version)' (feat. De La Soul) 3:42
8. 'DARE (Radio Edit)' (feat. Shaun Ryder and Roses Gabor) 3:32
9. 'Dirty Harry (Single Edit)' (feat. Bootie Brown and San Fernandez Youth Chorus) 3:50
10. 'Kids With Guns' (feat. Neneh Cherry) 3:46
11. 'El Mañana'   3:50
12. 'Stylo (Radio Edit)' (feat. Bobby Womack and Mos Def) 3:52
13. 'Superfast Jellyfish (Single Version)' (feat. De La Soul and Gruff Rhys) 2:57
14. 'On Melancholy Hill (Radio Edit)'   3:28
15. 'Rhinestone Eyes'   3:20
16. 'Doncamatic' (feat. Daley) 3:20
Total length:


Credits adapted from the liner notes of The Singles Collection 2001–2011.



  • Damon Albarn – vocals, keyboards, piano, synthesizers, melodica, guitars, bass guitar ('Tomorrow Comes Today'), drum programming, flute ('Rock the House')
  • Jason Cox – drums, drum programming (all Phases One and Two tracks)
  • Tom Girling – drum programming (Phase One tracks)
  • Dan The Automator – sampled loops, additional synthesizers (Phase One tracks)
  • Kid Koala – turntables (Phase One tracks)
  • Miho Hatori – additional vocals ('Tomorrow Comes Today', '19-2000', '19-2000 – Soulchild Remix')
  • Junior Dan – bass guitar ('Rock The House', '19-2000')
  • Del The Funky Homosapien – rap vocals ('Clint Eastwood', 'Rock The House')
  • Tom Tom Club
    • Chris Frantz – additional percussion ('19-2000')
    • Tina Weymouth – additional vocals ('19-2000')
  • James Dring – drums, drum programming (all Phase Two tracks)
  • Cass Browne – drums, drum programming (all Phase Two tracks)
  • Morgan Nicholls – bass guitar (all Phase Two tracks)
  • Simon Tong – additional guitar ('Feel Good Inc.', 'El Manaña')
  • Demon Strings
    • Sally Jackson – violin ('Dirty Harry', 'El Manaña')
    • Stella Page – viola ('Dirty Harry', 'El Manaña')
    • Amanda Drummond – viola ('Dirty Harry', 'El Manaña')
    • Isabelle Dunn – cello ('Dirty Harry', 'El Manaña')
    • Al Mobbs – double bass ('Dirty Harry', 'El Manaña')
    • Emma Smith – double bass ('Dirty Harry', 'El Manaña')
    • Prabjote Osahn – violin ('Dirty Harry')
    • Antonia Pagulatos – violin ('El Manaña')
  • Neneh Cherry – additional vocals ('Kids With Guns')
  • Bootie Brown – vocals ('Dirty Harry')
  • San Fernandez Youth Chorus - choir ('Dirty Harry')
  • De La Soul – vocals ('Feel Good Inc.')
    • Vincent Mason – laughter
    • Dave Jolicoeur – rap vocals
  • Shaun Ryder – vocals ('DARE')
  • Rosie Wilson – vocals ('DARE')
  • Stephen Sedgwick – programming (all Phase Three tracks)
  • Gabriel Wallace – additional drums ('Rhinestone Eyes', 'Superfast Jellyfish')
  • Mos Def – vocals ('Stylo', 'Stylo – Labrinth SNES Remix')
  • Bobby Womack – vocals ('Stylo', 'Stylo – Labrinth SNES Remix')
  • De La Soul – vocals ('Superfast Jellyfish')
  • Gruff Rhys – vocals, additional guitar ('Superfast Jellyfish')
  • Daley – vocals ('Doncamatic')
  • Ed Case – remix ('Clint Eastwood – Ed Case Refix')
  • Sweetie Irie – vocals ('Clint Eastwood – Ed Case Refix')
  • Soulchild – remix, drum programming, arrangements ('19-2000 – Soulchild Remix')
    • Stuart Bradbury
    • Damien Mendis
  • Labrinth – remix ('Stylo – Labrinth SNES Remix')
  • Tinie Tempah – rap vocals ('Stylo – Labrinth SNES Remix')


  • Gorillaz – production, mixing ('Feel Good Inc. – Noodle's Demo')
  • Jason Cox – engineering, co-production (all Phase One tracks), mixing (all Phase Two and Three tracks), recording (all Phase Three tracks)
  • Tom Girling – engineering, co-production, Pro-Tools (all Phase One tracks)
  • Dan Nakamura – production (all Phase One tracks)
  • Soulchild – additional production ('19-2000 - Soulchild Remix')
  • James Dring – production (all Phase Two tracks)
  • Brian Burton – production, mixing (all Phase Two tracks)
  • Toby Whelan – engineering assistance (all Phase One tracks)
  • Stephen Sedgwick – mixing assistance (all Phase Two tracks), engineering and recording (all Phase Three tracks)
  • Michael Makowski – recording assistance ('Stylo', 'Stylo – Labrinth SNES Remix')
  • Nelson De Freitas – executive-production ('Doncamatic')
  • Suzi Winstanley – executive-production ('Doncamatic')
  • Howie Weinberg – mastering (most tracks)
  • Geoff Pesche – mastering ('Doncamatic', 'Clint Eastwood - Ed Case Refix', '19-2000 - Soulchild Remix' & 'Feel Good Inc. - Noodle's Demo')


Chart Positions[]

  • AU: highest chart position: #85
  • CA: highest chart position: #161
  • ES: highest chart position: #38
  • FR: highest chart position: #111
  • IE: highest chart position: #21
  • IT: highest chart position: #75
  • MX: highest chart position: #94
  • NZ: highest chart position: #32
  • PT: highest chart position: #23
  • US: highest chart position: unknown
  • UK: highest chart position: #46 (05/05/2017 – 11/05/2017)

Release Trailer[]


  • The title featuring the years 2001-2011 is not entirely correct, seeing as Tomorrow Comes Today (and Rock The House as well) were both first released in 2000, through the Tomorrow Comes Today EP, and Doncamatic, the newest featuring track, was released in 2010.
  • The singles 911, Lil' Dub Chefin' (from Laika Come Home) and White Flag were also left out from the compilation.
  • The 7" boxset includes artwork from the cover of the Tomorrow Comes Today EP instead of the single.
  • The order of the videos is listed incorrectly on the DVD edition of the compilation.
  • The credits section on the CD booklet incorrectly lists Howie Weinberg as having mastered both Phase 1 remixes instead of Geoff Pesche. According to the band's autobiography Rise of the Ogre, Weinberg mastered the self-titled album on the 2nd of June 2000 at Masterdisk in New York City, while the Ed Case Refix was only produced in late August of that same year. Damien Mendis, half of Soulchild, also confirmed his remix to have been mastered by Pesche at The Town House in London, where all other Phase 1 B-sides were also mastered at.
  • The Japanese CD includes a 32-page booklet with album liner notes, song credits and commentary, a Japanese translation of the official 2011 UK press release and lyric sheets in English alongside Japanese translations. The commentary and liner notes are provided by Yuzuru Sato and Hiroko Shintani, the press release translation by Sumi Imai and the lyrics translation by Erika Yamashita and Hashim Bharoocha.


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